Christmas Version SKOLL from #sunnyandcloudyweathershop Has Just Dropped!

Since my previous post, the #sunnyandcloudyweathershop Christmas Version SKOLL from LoFi Collective has since been released, and available in two colorways: RED and GREEN, and via two sources!

Standing 11cm tall, each hand-painted resin figure is priced at US$75 (+ shipping cost / Asia @ $15 / Others @ $20). Order via email “”, or head on over to (75,000 WON each)!

#FUCKAIJU a.k.a. Finest United Convention for Kaiju - Launches December 11th in Hong Kong

Finest United Convention for Kaiju” or “FUCKAIJU” for short, is an event organised by Vintage & Vinyl Club ่† ๆ˜“ๅปฃๅ ด, featuring Sofubi artists and their collectible creations from all over the world - exhibiting and available in a single location - in this case, to be held in 1F, Fortune Building,150-158 Lockhart Road, WanChai, Hong Kong, launching December 11th, 2016.

And while the exclusive list is exhaustively exciting - select previews of which I have serendipitously posted here (Check out their up-to-date Events Facebook Page and Instagram @fuckaiju for updates too) … meanwhile, I’ll take a closer peek at a few pieces which caught my attention too!

DEC Expo Exclusive MAGURO from Mame Moyashi, limited to 300pcs - split 50/50% between FUCKAIJU and Sofubi Shanghai Festival. This might well be the only time you’ll get to “sashimi a carp” for HK$430 (US$55 / SG$79)!

The Kingdom Come Version CHUNK is jointly produced by Unbox Industries, Jim Dreams and Kingdom Come. This particular colour scheme and tattoos were designed by Krittanach (Tae) Tumnak, and will be sold by Kingdom Come. Limited to a run of 50pcs - the first 25pcs will be available for pre-order in FUCKAIJU (*shipping date to be confirmed). The rest of the 25pcs will be available in Thailand (Date for release TBC).

Hand-painted BIG FOOT by Krittanach (Tae) Tumnak in collaboration of the figure producers Awesome Toy! With these tiger-styled figure limited to only 4 pieces, each priced add HK$888.

Eric So’s SCOURING PAD PAD see his interpretation of Spongebob Squarepants manifest in a hand-painted figure with “hair”, with the Pink Colorway released prior (and most recently seen at DesignerCon) … for FUCKAIJU, seems there’ll be a NEW colorway to make it’s debut!

(Above illustration by IG @acid_ma)
EVENT STORY: "In 1966, Marusan Toys has launched a toy line known as “Ultra Kaiju”, such soft vinyl toy line has received remarkable feedback and brought a lot of fun to children and adult. Thereafter, a lot of toy companies have produced similar toys, they have been very popular since then and even until now. Kaiju generally is defined as “beasty monster” in Japanese. Nowadays, soft vinyl Kaiju toys have generally spitted into 2 category: (a) Main Stream Traditional Kaiju (characters coming from movie, television and animation) and (b) Neo Kaiju / Designers’ Kaiju (original monsters created by designers through inspiration of Main Stream Traditional Kaiju Toys). Neo Kaiju has not only brought you the feeling and fun of old childhood monster toys but also generated a lot of new development into vinyl toys in recent years (such as new painting technic, swirl color vinyl mix, etc). This year, year 2016 is the 50th anniversary of “Kaiju” toys. "
Interview in Cantonese with No English subtitles,
but plenty of toys seen! HELLO, Brother Meng! :)
"Recently, more and more toy players and collectors have generated interests in Neo Kaiju toys. Even market is still not yet mature in Hong Kong, our shop (being one of the soft vinyl toy shops in Hong Kong) has stepped out and organized the first Kaiju theme event in Hong Kong. The event is named as “FINEST UNITED CONVENTION for KAIJU – HONG KONG 2016” (“FUCKAIJU”) and the date of the event is 11st December 2016.

We have sincerely invited artists from all over the world to participate in this event, some artists will come and some will send us their masterpiece. We will announce the details of participants and admission details shortly. Please kindly stay tuned for more announcement. (Please note that this is our first ever Toy Event, please kindly bear with us in case if there is any disarrangement.)"
(Facebook Events Page)


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Exclusive for @fuckaiju batch #4 - please don't say I haven't told you! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

A photo posted by ่† ๆ˜“ๅปฃๅ ด Vintage & Vinyl Club (@vintage_vinyl_club) on

Stanley Kubrick: A Shinework Odyssey - 3D Figure Available from Mike Leavitt

KING CUTS STANLEY KUBRICK from Mike Leavitt can be yours to hold, currently orderable on for US$59.00. Limited to 100pcs, the last we saw of this figure was a larger sized sculpt for Mike’s King Cuts show!
"This is a 5 inch / 12 cm version of my sculpture of Stanley Kubrick as a twin from The Shining with references to 2001, Clockwork Orange & Full Metal Jacket. It's a limited edition available until one hundred (100) 3D-prints are made. 75% of the price covers the 3D-printed material itself, 25% I added for my labor on the 3D model." - shared Mike Leavitt.
THE STORY: "The Shining transgenders Kubrick. His entire identity, even his humanity is relinquished. Hal's all seeing eye welds itself to his chest. He is a female robot. He's the ancient ape predating 2001. He grips to reality with a jelly donut stolen from a Full Metal Jacket. Clockwork Orange costuming veils him from the world in vain. Nothing can stop Stanley from drifting off into the surreal void."

RADIOACTIVE B.C. BLASTERS by James Groman x Toy Art Gallery Releases Dec 9th

TAG PRESS: ”The B.C. boys are back in a new edition of James Groman's B.C. BLASTERS! The RADIOACTIVE B.C. BLASTERS are cast in bright glow-in-the-dark vinyl, and each Blaster is over 5" long and features insane detail. Designed by James Groman and produced by Toy Art Gallery.

Available this Friday 12/9 at 12PM PST at Each RADIOACTIVE B.C. Blaster retails for $40 each, or $160 for the whole set of five!”
(Individual images HERE on Facebook)

Clear Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny by Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot for Dec 8th Drop

Greeting my tender peepers as I launched my web browser this fine Thursday morning, is this vision of a crystal CLEAR IMPERIAL LOTUS DRAGON DUNNY from Scott Tolleson, with this 8-incher tall beauty releasing December 8th (@ 10am MST) on Limited to 15 pieces world wide, tis “interesting” that both @kidrobot and @mrscotttolleson referred to this as “Artist Proofs” in their captions tho … Dos this mean there’ll be more/further “production pieces” to be had at a later time? Or Just a rationale to release such a limited run? :)

As for “PRICE” of the item, it is something not revealed at time of this post … so my question to YOU is, *What Is The Amount You Would Pay For Such Awesomeness?*

(Below shows the production Dunnys released before - Alternative + Regular)

SHOWA TK TROOPER V.2 from ThreeA Toys Drop Dec 16th

SHOWA TK Trooper 1

Releasing December 16th on is the “SHOWA TK TROOPER V.2” figure from ThreeA Toys’ “Tomorrow Kings” line - which is essentially another series of words meaning “AWESOMESAUCE”!

M0rphing out from a Star Wars-Stormtrooper guise and into a warrior soldier of a undefined future, the figure made it’s display debut earlier in the year at San Diego Comic Con (additional pic below via @Sven3000), and is one of the “three” editions to be unleashed (and is one of them going to be a 3AA-exclusive? :p) … looking pretty darn “awesome” (but I’ve already said that, haven’t I? :p) thus far!

Stay tuned to Instagram @worldof3a for further updates!

“BABY HORNS S.3 Big Horn ver.” by Hands In Factory X PRRC Launched at Seoul Design Festival 2016

Launched at the 2016 Seoul Design Festival on December 7th is the “BABY HORNS S.3 Big Horn ver.” by Hands In Factory X PRRC (previously teased), along with a nifty animated video (different from the early Running Horns version), also in tandem with the celebration of the “birth” of “Private Road Running Club” - starting at HIDEOUTSEOUL at 1936hrs.

Unknown if this particular collectible will be made available (at all) to non-PRRC-members, so I’d recommend interested folks to stay connected to @a.k.a_uptempo and @prrc1936 on Instagram for updates!

Meanwhile, here are some snaps along with a very toy-teasingly unboxing video too! Oh My…!

... YES< I wish these were my hands unboxing the figure tooooooo!

GINGERCAT by Rato Kim Revealed! BOXCAT Winter Series 1

And while we’ve only first seen it's adorable behind (see pic below), South Korean Rato Kim unveils her upcoming gingerbread-themed “GINGERCAT” with a festive video (featured below)! And as well a ‘release date’ has been set on December 12th, with this yummy #BoxCat limited to a run of only 15pcs! And while currently the price has yet to be revealed, do not expect these figures to hang around for too long, IMHO. Head on to her easy shop come drop-day!

#GingerCat is apart of her BOXCAT Winter Series 1, so would be be expecting MORE BoxCat limited editions soon? Stay connected to her Instagram @ratokim or Twitter @rato_kim for further updates!

Sneak Peek at Spider-Man: Homecoming

In advance of the debut of the trailer for SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING (happening “tomorrow” night, December 8th U.S.-time, premiering on Jimmy Kimmel Live), the above sneak peek has been unleashed upon the wwworld!

”Happy wants you to look in the case.” tweeted Jon Favreau - who as “Happy Hogan” (in “Iron Man”) helps “Tony Stark” deliver a case to “Peter Parker” (played by Tom Holland - first/last seen in “Captain America: Civil War”), holding “A minor upgrade”, which essentially give Spider-Man web-wings! And the interwebs go WILD!


One-Off JOBI THE MOON FOX Customs from Kaiser Luna x M'S PRODUCTION & CO.

UPDATED: Kaiser has mentioned that these babies have since been Sold Out! Congratulations! :)

JOBI THE MOON FOX from Kaiser Luna are currently available to purchase on - with these ONE-OFF hand-painted polystone pieces previously exclusive to Taipei Toy Festival!

With only eight (8) figures to choose from, each with a SRP of HK$1,777 (US$229 / SG$326), the price includes free shipping worldwide, and comes with;

- (1) unique character of jobi the moon fox - one off
- (1) unique hand painted acrylic drawing on canvas.
- Comes packed in process finish premium paulownia wood made box (L20 x W15 x H18 cm) with iron buckle lock, each component securely encased in soft sponge and MADAGASCAR raffia.

Produced by M'S PRODUCTION & CO.
Designed by Kaiser Luna

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

Custom-Feature: SACRIFICE by Bowo Baghaskara

Bowo Baghaskara shares with us his latest custom - available to purchase at US$250 (Rp. 2,7Jt / price excludes shipping) for this one-of-a-kind piece, which you can order via emailing “”.

The custom base is made from the 8-inch tall vinyl SHARKY, produced by ToyQube (...of which I am very familiar with this piece, as my custom has been deemed “missing” since 2008… LOL), with this piece by Bowo now named “SACRIFICE”.
"We choose different ways. For what we believe. Its not mean the easy way. Full of pain & sorrow. Depend on Passion, consistency & Vision. Is not easy, need sacrifice. But it's worth it.”

Previews for #giftwrapped2016 @ Clutter Gallery Opening Dec 10th

The 2016 Edition of GIFT WRAPPED opens Saturday, December 10 at Clutter Gallery in NYC, and we have a few preview snaps of collectibles to share (descriptions via the image captions), and as well you can check out the Facebook Events page for further details of the show - which will feature works from Aica • Ally Burke • Awesome toy • Bleeding Edges • Bog x Squad • Brent Nolasco • Brian Sparrow • Camilla D'Errico • Cassandra Jerman • Cat Atomic • czee13 • Dima Drjuchin • Eimi Takano • Falcontoys • freshtoast • Funk Muffins • Horible Adorables • HungryGhost • JeAA • Jenn & Tony Bot • Jeremiah Ketner • Kelly Denato • Kyle Kirwan • Lisa Rae Hansen • Maddy Norval • Mariangela Tan • Melodreama • Misfit Menagerie • One Eyed Girl • Rampage Toys • RxSeven • Sabrina Elliott • Scarecrowoven • Secret Demon Services • Seulgie • Shing Yin Khor • Stacia Murphy • Stitch of Whimsy • Tasha Zimlich • Task One • Tokyo Jesus • TwistyBitz • Uamou • wetworks • Yu Maeda

The show exhibits thru January 6th, 2017, and pieces will be available to purchase in the gallery, as well online via after launch day.

These @uamou customs will at @cluttermagazine Gift Wrapped show. Opens Sat. Dec. 10th #giftwrapped2016 #uamou

A photo posted by Jeremiah Ketner (@smallandround) on

Gift Wrapped Show at @cluttermagazine next week. #giftwrapped2016 #cluttergallery #brentnolascoart

A photo posted by Brent Nolasco (@brentnolascoart) on

ADDED New Previews:

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Blind Box Minis & Keychains from Kidrobot

After the release of the “Sonic the Hedgehog Medium Figure” (*Purchase on Amazon for US$79.99), Kidrobot continues with their “Sonic the Hedgehog” licensed releases with the Blind Box Mini Series & Keychains - currently available from!
"Sonic is his name and speed is his game! Sega and Kidrobot have teamed up to present an all-new Sonic The Hedgehog vinyl mini series and keychain series just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the original Sega Genesis game! Collect them all before they speed away!"

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3" BLIND BOX MINI SERIES are each priced at US$9.99 per blindboxed pull (*Purchase on Amazon at US$199.99 for full case of 20pcs), with each 3” tall figure comes mounted on a golden ring as seen in the original game.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG BLIND BOX KEYCHAIN SERIES is priced at US$5.99 per blindboxed pull - featuring not just game character figures, but also “game consoles” and “accessories”, like EU Mega Drive Cartridge and Sonic Cartridge! LOL

These are essentially “gacha” / “gashapon” / “capsule”-awesomeness for the discerning collectors, and is a welcomed - if not pricey - shopping option.

(*Purchasing from linked-Amazon pages would help support this blog, thank you!)

“FUNNY CAROUSEL” by Patient No6 Available To Order Now!

Patient No.6 introduce a new resin figure, with this ornate ”FUNNY CAROUSEL" set to outdo all his previous dick-nose creations! This hand-made and hand painted figure is sized 7.5 inches (20 cm) and is currently available for orders on for US$70 +free shipping!

Heck, put some “snow” paint effects on the piece and you’d have a festive “Winter Wonder Carousel” - PERFECT for Christmas gifting, no? :)

Brent Nolasco’s THE ELIMINATOR in One-Off and Mixed Match Editions

The second slice of toy-news of Brent Nolasco’s releases (first being Ziggy), features THE ELIMINATOR - available to purchase on in TWO Editions!

"Dark Decendents' "The Eliminator" came back with a "One Off" release. The Eliminator is a 5 piece solid resin pull with cape. This piece is hand pained and spray with automotive paint for durability. The size of The Eliminator is 6 1/2". Each figure will be packaged with a header card and with a free Elimitator button."
"Dark Decendents' "The Eliminator" came back with a very limited mixed match release. Each figure consists of 5 different colors - gloss black, chrome, gloss red, white and gray. No two figures are alike. The Eliminator is a 5 piece solid resin pull with cape. Each piece is hand sprayed with automotive paint for durability. The size of The Eliminator is 6 1/2". The release will be blind bagged and randomly picked per order. Each figure will be packaged with a header card and with a free Elimitator button."

[ More images viewable HERE on Facebook ]

ZIGGY - Shadow Edition by Brent Nolasco

"Ziggy makes his first trip back from Mars. After such a long time away from home, people said it was impossible to make the journey back alive. Well, Ziggy is back to prove them all wrong. Never underestimate the unexpected."
Brent Nolasco has two toy-releases to be announced today, which I am splitting into two posts, with THIS slice of news dedicated to ZIGGY!

With sculptural WIPs first featured in May 2016, Ziggy now debuts in his first colorway release called "Shadows”!

Ziggy is a two piece rotocast resin figure, sized 6 1/2”, and priced at US$80.00 apiece purchasable here - each figure is hand painted by Brent and all orders will be bagged with a header card for each order.

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]
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