KITTYPILLAR by Casey Weldon x ThreeA for Oct 31st Pre-Orders

Casey Weldon & ThreeA presents KITTYPILLAR, with this vinyl collectible scheduled to drop October 31st at with a SRP of US$89 ( Price Includes Free Worldwide Shipping), and as well ThreeA Stockists Worldwide (do check in for final pricing tho).

Casey Weldon had painted these surrealist cat x caterpillar art before, we got to witness the painted figure from ThreeA on display at New York Comic-Con 2016 not too long ago, and seems the eyes have since gone glow-in-the-dark! Let the Meow-tomorphosis begin…

Interview with “All That Remains” curator Lana Crooks

ALL THAT REMAINS” is a group show currently exhibiting at Stranger Factory (alongside BEWITCHING VI), launched since October 7th, and scheduled to end October 31st, 2016. So check them out in person off you are in the area!

Folks interested to snag the artwork on display can check out studio images posted online here (all images in this blogpost via), with all inquiries emailed to

TOYSREVIL had an online chat with “All That Remains” curator Lana Crooks, which you can scroll down to read, alongside images of select artworks to astound! (Thanks for your time, Lana!)

Above-left: “Transplantation” by Sinan Soykut
Above-right: “Quartz” by Tyler Thrasher
Bottom-left: “Skull 3” by Jake Waldron
Bottom-right: “My Anxious Lungs II” by Lauren Marx

TOYSREVIL: What did you had in mind when you were curating “All That Remains”? What would you describe the “theme”, or rather your theme’s need/requirements be?
LANA CROOKS: "When I first thought of doing this exhibit I was mainly thinking about sculptors that either were already working with real bones or made pieces that looked like bone. As I was organizing who I would invite I started thinking about other artists that explore skeletal imagery in their works. So when I invited the artists I told them the exhibit's name and that I was looking for work based on skeletal, anatomical, specimen, and "remains", that they could translate the title however they saw fit."

Above left: “Bishop” by Jessica Joslin
Above-right: “Archaism” by Kristina Drake
Bottom-left: “Ursulus machaera dente” by Stephanie Metz
Bottom-right: “Echo I - for the ones who dream of stranger worlds…” by Mahlimae

TOYSREVIL: The array of genres represented was interesting for me - from sculptures hard and soft, to paper sculpts … How did the choices for artists come about? Any particular traits or styles you were looking for?
LANA CROOKS: "A lot of the artists I have either worked with before or have been a fan of their work for some time. I picked people based on the aesthetics of their works, not everyone sole works within the theme but I could see all the pieces working well together. I was looking for people who I knew could really take the concept and run with it. I did also find a few new artists as I was looking for a variety of genres and mediums to be represented. "
“Forgotten Specimens” by Forest Rogers
Above: “Forgotten Specimens” by Forest Rogers
Below: “The cracks are there to let the light in” by Matt Hall

TOYSREVIL: This is not the first show you have curated, but compared to your past shows, what might make this “different”, or more unique than the others?
LANA CROOKS: "I have curated a lot of shows over the past years. I was a co-owner / partner of OhNo!Doom Gallery for 4 years so we did a lot of events (A lot of group shows too). I have also helped curate shows at Clutter Gallery like Stitched, Curious Beasts, Adventure Awaits, Tenebrous and Gift Wrapped to name a few. The thing that makes this show different is I think it is just more conceptual than past exhibitions. Normally for a group show I feel like you pick artists work you know will just flow together and ask for a more general theme. For All That Remains I was also picking artists I knew would put more narrative in the work given a more narrow concept."

Above-left: “The Bride” by Virginie Ropars
Above-right: “Finding a new Way home” by Jessica Dalva

TOYSREVIL: Do you have a favourite piece(s) from the show? And WHY?
LANA CROOKS: "I love so much of the work in the show, it was almost torture to not be able to pick up a piece from each artist. One of my favorite pieces is Virginie Ropars's The Bride, It is so eery but delicately beautiful. Her work is really quite amazing. I also love Jessica Dalva's Finding a new Way home for the exact same reason. Her sculpts and tiny costuming are lovely. Darla Jackson did some amazingly detailed birds for this show which hang on the wall or can lay down. I had never seen her work in person so it was great to be able to see how lifelike her work really is. Christina Mrozik also did a pair of stunning bird drawings that I spent some time staring at... basically I could tell you at least one piece from each person that I fell in love with."
(Above artwork by Christina Mrozik)

TOYSREVIL: What was your favourite piece of yours for the show, and WHY?
LANA CROOKS: "I had done the piece Infinity right after deciding on the exhibition. It was swimming in my head for a while to make a large scale spine in this way. It took quite a bit of time to place all the fabric and it turned out just as I had wanted it to."

TOYSREVIL: Why should folks go see “All That Remains”?
LANA CROOKS: "There are a lot of pieces with tiny details that really need to be looked at up close. All the pieces are quite amazing but they look fantastic together as well. I had hung the show like I would hang pieces in my own collection. "

Above-left: “The Last Hour” by Jeremy Bastian
Above-right: “Untitled” by Adipocere
Bottom-left: “Portentum” by Caitlin McCormack
Bottom-right: “Lymantria (The Destroyer)” by Jennifer Joslin

Bōzu "Kitsune Edition" by Planet 3 Toys x noresore - Available via Lottery


Planet 3 Toys announces a collaboration with のれそれ (noresore) to create Bōzu "Kitsune Edition" - which due to very limited quantities, will be sold via a lottery!
Here's how to enter: "Please email along with your name, shipping address, and PayPal email address. The lottery is open from Monday Oct 24th until Sunday Oct 30th
Winners will be selected on Halloween and will have 24 hours to purchase, or another winner will be selected. If picked, each set will retail for $50 USD + shipping. Each set will be selected at random."

This very limited edition (only 4 sets) includes one Bōzu which stands at approx. 3.5" (90mm) and cast in pure white sofubi and one Bōzu themed Kitsune sofubi mask designed and hand painted by のれそれ (noresore).

Stay connected to these folks via Instagram @planet3_toys and noresore @bincho1977!

(Cheers for the headsup, Dave)



TIGER ZEBRA and LUCKY POPCORN from Amanda Visell is pretty much adorable to the hilt, and you can snag them on for US$90 per set, limited to 25 sets per design. Hand sculpted, hand cast, hand painted, both Amanda and Michelle Valigura have been as prolific in this scene, as they have been induing it with original concept creations, proving the “indie scene” does not need to be “all about the non-licensed”, IMO.

BANKRUPTCY! by Igor Ventura (ART OF WAR REJECTS) for #DCON2016

"The market is crazy and all stocks are hitting rock bottom! Dow Jones? More like DOWN Jones! It’s a jungle out there, and you have do everything you can to survive in the wild Neandertown!"
Introducing “BANKRUPTCY!” by Igor Ventura - with this being the fourth design of his first individual Custom Dunny series: ART OF WAR REJECTS! To be made available in Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) - check out my micro interview with Igor about the genesis of this series HERE #onTOYSREVIL!

Meanwhile stay tuned to Instagram @igorventura for further updates!

‘The Last Laugh’ by Squink On Sale Oct 27th

UK-based artist Chris Squink welcomes Halloween with THIS piece named ‘The Last Laugh’ (presumably becoz he survived the apocalypse while others didn’t :p), on sale this Thursday October 27th @! Will update further details when they are made know. Updated on Twitter @squink.

The WIPs of Chris’ sculpt looks awesome!
May there be MORE zombie dunnys to come!


Generation One Optimus Prime and Megatron Transformers by ThreeA Toys @ #TFCON2016

ThreeA Toys at TFCon over the weekend saw the display debut of GENERATION ONE / G1 MEGATON!
cheduled for a 2017 debut,check out more snaps of the unpainted prototype on my Transformers-dedicated #trandformersrollout-blog, especially his weapons! As well on show was their G1 OPTIMUS PRIME (previously featured), and thanks to Josh Coldiron’s coverage (on his Instagram @noritoy), we also get to see the chest cavity opened up!

With ThreeA’s speciality in hyper-details and articulated mecha-makes, their Generation-Ones thus far looks pretty epic, with robot forms “true” to the eye, and whose cartoon folks of my generation grew up with! Kudos, 3A!

Megatron TFCON2016

#threeatoys #3a #threezero #optimusprime #transformers #tfcon #robot #toy

A photo posted by Josh Coldiron (@noritoy) on

3a TFCON2016

(Pics via

PB Pumpkin by UME Toys

"Trick or Treat! If you missed out on this little chap at his debut at NYCC and you fancy adding a little UME goodness to your Halloween collection now's your chance. Standing just over 3.5 inches tall PB is hand made and comes in a header carded bag."
PB Pumpkin” from UME Toys can be had here for £33.00.

Winter Reindeer: Nightstalker Edition by Andrew Bell x Gary Ham x Pobber for Oct 31st Pre-Order

Since it’s design reveal, the Andrew Bell-designed on Gary Ham’s Autumn Stag has been revealed by Pobber, along with word of the 28-inch tall figure’s pre-order starting Halloween October 31st on (exact time TBC). Are you ready for the WINTER REINDEER: NIGHTSTALKER Edition?

More information as they are revealed. Updates on Instagram @pobber!

OFFSPRING by Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan for #DesignerCon #DCON2016

Clears and test pulls of OFFSPRING to be had at Kurobokan’s booth 1123 at this year’s Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016)! Designed by Paulus Hyu, unpainted prototypes were on show at the Pobber booth in this year’s STGCC2016 in September, and we look forward to be seeing more of this french bulldog-inspired figure in the scene!

Stay connected to @paulushyu and @kurobukan on Instagram for updates!

(Headsup via @vinylpulse)

Halloween Dunny Release from Haus Of Boz on Oct 27th

From Laura Copeland AKA Haus Of Boz comes PUMPIE - A Halloween Special one-of-a-kind custom-Dunny, available 27th October 2016 (8.00pm BST) via, priced at £74.99 GBP. ADORABLE, can? :)
"It's autumn! Halloween's a-comin' and Pumpie has been growing his costume from a seed. It's finally ready, and after several meals of pumpkin-based recipes, he's carved it out and boy, is it snug! Pumpie is ready for any party he can find, and as long as you don't mind squishy footprints or the occasional seed on the carpet, he's ready to be your guest of honour! Invite him in, and get the party started!"
(Individual images HERE on Facebook)

Cheers for the headsup, Lauren!


Celebrate HELLoWEEN with Devilsheadquarters with two new releases dropping October 31st on AT A RANDOM TIME - featuring THE MASKED DIGGLER V3 (above), made in collaboration with Splurrt, with this painted edition priced at US$75 each (*UPDATED Pricing). Also available is the UNPAINTED WHITE ALAVAKA BODHISATTVA (below), each priced at US$30.

Rocket & Groot #TREEHUGGER Vinyl by Mike Mitchell x MONDO

Seen above is an image of a 3D-render of Mike Mitchell’s "Tree Hugger" (done by “Slid3”) … and shown below at MondoCon is the Rocket Raccoon & Groot “TREEHUGGER” VINYL for Unbox Industries and MONDO! Pre-order is slated for “Early 2017”, with a SRP: TBD - stay tuned to @mondotees on Instagram and @mondonews on Twitter for updates!

With the new incarnation of the celluloid Rocket and Baby Groot on his shoulder - seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 sneak peek, maybe we could have the “new” version too? Heh.

(Pics via @sirmitchell and @brockotter)

Custom 1/6 BATMAN for Hot Toys’ Batman 100% ("Batman Collartible Expo”)


Custom 1/6th-scale BATMAN figures for the Batman 100% Exhibition is fully revealed (Since my previous feature), and shared here today for your online gawking pleasures! Folks in Tokyo, Japan can head-up to the Roppongi Izumi Garden Gallery, before the exhibit ends October 25th.

I am personally rooting for KNIGHTFALL to be made into a production figure from Hot Toys, thanks!




From “new” toy brand “Overtoys” comes an upcoming “JOKER” in 1/6th-scale, featuring the likeness of the late Heath Ledger as the infamous nemesis of the Batman, as seen in Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” (AKA “Batman 2”).

Featuring Production Design by “Viper”, this incarnation of the Joker seems to feature rooted hair, and a different face-sculpt, seen in earlier releases from Hot Toys - most notably the DX JOKER from 2009.

I have zero product and availability info further than the images posted here, so do check in with your fav retailer(s) who bring in non-licensed products (*cough*).

Far be it I may seem to be promoting a (possible) “non-licensed” product, but I am intrigued that folks would want to continue with older characters (the “$$$”, of course :p) but still endeavour to produce a good lucking product. You decide :)

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