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Call For Submissions: #drawajawa & #drawawookie for #MayThe4th 2016


SPC X BE@RBRICK @ Art Toy Culture 2016

South Korean food and confectionery chaebol (conglomerate) "SPC Group" invited artists to design unique Be@rbricks inspired by SPC’s 8 brands such as Paris Baguette, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Paris Croissant, Passion 5, Café Pascucci, Jamba Juice, and Bizeun, with the result being a mix of TOY and FOOD, to debut at Art Toy Culture 2016. There's even a schweet animation to go with it! Scroll down to view!

Would be real keen to know if these'll be production pieces, or one-offs too!


ART TOY CULTURE 2016 @ COEX, Seoul, Korea (May 4-8, 2016)

The 2016 Edition of ART TOY CULTURE (#ATC) launches May 4th and exhibits thru May 8th, 2016, with Korea's first vinyl Art Toy and Culture fair to be held at COEX in Seoul, Korea ( And while TOYSREVIL has a smattering of toy-news thus far for ATC, this particular post will serve as a quick reminder of WHAT and WHO to keep a look out for! Mind you, this is but a small sampling, and I truly hope to one day be able to afford a trip over there!

Stay connected to the event via their Facebook Page and Instagram @arttoyculture, and further details on their official website @!

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Above-left: Coolrain x Seman10cm
Above-right: RONY The Perculair by AJO777
Bottom-left: Plush by BRIDGE SHIP HOUSE

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Above-left: P.P.PUDDING
Above-right: DEVILROBOTS
Bottom-left: @theLOCALAB
Bottom-right: "Monster" by Sticky Monster Lab

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Above-left: "Goldenbaby" Original Ver & 300% Ver by @_golden8oy_
Above-right: @pandora.doll
Bottom-left: StudioViper Inc.
Bottom-right: "KunCat" by SAKUN

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Above-left: "Hooded Sufferings" by rato x vicious
Above-right: Coolrain
Bottom-left+right: 'ZUNBO, the OLD STONE' by studiosakubo @sakubo

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Above-left: "Forever,old school" by @aka_kiddo
Above-right: Cerberus Project
Bottom-left: Rotta @_rotta_
Bottom-right: "Bitch" by Pla-man Hobby

DESCRIPTION: A photographer Rotta’s (@_rotta_ / identity became a figurine which collaborated with StudioViper’s artist Sopp. Rotta’s figure that represents himself, which is composed with various options such as camera equipment and a bag will be exhibiting at the ATC 2016.

Fools Paradise @ Thailand Toy Expo 2016

In addition to the Fools Parade STILLNESS exhibition (teased here earlier), Hong Kong's Fools Paradise will be debuting two new collectibles at the coming Thailand Toy Expo @ CentralWorld (May 5-8, 2016), with the above featured Vader x Kiko on a TIE Fighter-awesomeness that which is known as the "Darkside K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3", and "BENJI, The Crazy Barber" (seen below)!

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The concept of "BENJI, The Crazy Barber" was given by Boy Pakorn (a famous superstar in Thailand), with the figure then produced by JPX x Fools Paradise. In an edition of 75ps worldwide. 50pcs will be made available at TTE (Price: 8500 baht), while the other 25pcs will be released online via on May 10th, 2016 (US$249 apiece).

The product features a magnetic moustache (replaceable), chrome gold knife and scissors, and a real cloth apron.

"Fools Paradise" is the artist moniker for Alan Ng, formerly of "Boredomsqueezer", a designer toys brand focusing on 12" figures, which I adore still till now!

Mighty Jaxx at Thailand Toy Expo 2016 + Art Toy Culture 2016

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MIGHTY JAXX will be present at BOTH Thailand Toy Expo in Bangkok, AND Art Toy Culture show in South Korea come May 4th, and they'll no doubt be bringing all kindsa art toy goodness!

Artist Jason Freeny will be in attendance at TTE, signing at booth A17 Green Zone (EDEN1) along with with new releases from XXRAY - which includes the rest of the Justice League, with The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern and Aquaman! Would be pretty cool if Jason's Micro Schematic Femmina makes an appearance too!

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Keep a look out for the exclusive to TTE "Red Tossakan" (FYI: the Green variant will be for worldwide release). Folks'll also get a 'first look' Mighty Jaxx Exclusive Bathing Duck by Jason Freeny!

Folks at ATC will have a chance to pre-order the XXRAY collaboration with Sticky Monster Lab, and as well check out their RONY THE PERCULIAR figures made in collaboration with AJO777 of Towooz.

Stay connected to Mighty Jaxx via their Instagram and Twitter @mightyjaxx for updates!

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JackalStorm + Star Weird from TopzToy for #StarWarsDay

Thai resin-slinger buddy TopzToy sends word of a few indie resins up for order/pre-orders currently, whom'll make a pretty decent #StarWarsDay purchase(s), "bootleggery" notwithstanding, of course! But then again, these are "Star Wars Inspired", and not straightup bootlegs of existing figures, no? You Decide :)

JackalStorm 2016 (red force) features 3" tall resin casted and painted figures, with each colorway limited to only 10pcs! Each priced at US$40, currently available for pre-orders. JackalStorm is designed by Blabeer, featuring sculpt by Termpoom

JackalStorm 2016 (candy tone) features a trio of single colored resin figures, each standing 3" tall, and priced at US$30 each.

Star Wierd Orange sees the 4" tall non-articulated resin figures in a single color tone, featuring (From Left to Right); PerFett ver.2 / JackalStorm / BossVader / PerFett ver.3. Each can be ordered at US$30 each, or a set of 4 at US$120 (select via the drop-down menu on page).

King POKKA & the PAKKA’s Wood Toys Release from Pepe Hiller (on May 4th)

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Schedules for an online release on Wednesday, May 4th 2016 | 10pm CEST (4pm EST) via are King POKKA & the PAKKA’s by Pepe Hiller, featuring a limited edition of 1 large and 8 small figures!

Scroll down for pics and words from Pepe himself (gotta LOVE the last pic tho!)

""The tribe of the PAKKA's is a mysterious one, there are rumours that already a small group of them can hunt down a huge buffalo by themselves. They usually live in small caves in the mountainous wilderness and hunt in the plains. Their King POKKA needs to lead them heavy-handed while learning them how to behave and to camouflage in these lands. This seems especially important as otherwise they would not stop to brawl and scuffle all day long. Well and as we all know, it’s almost impossible to hunt buffalos while making too much noise!”

The 6 inch PAKKA's are crafted out of finest smoked oak wood. For hunting each one holds a beech spear with a shiny brass spearhead fixed with a natural leather ribbon. The arms are articulated and each PAKKA has a small brass tooth. The eyes are made out of galvanised steel. "
"The huge King POKKA is 12 inch tall & weighs a hefty 5 pounds!! He features an additional row of maple teeth, one massive brass eyetooth and his horns are decorated by multiple solid brass jewellery. These figures have a natural semi gloss bees wax finish. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist (iron branded/embossed)."

BlackBook Toy Reveals for Thailand Toy Expo 2016

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Since the earlier featured tease, Japan's BlackBook Toy reveals their goodies to be had at Thailand Toy Expo 2016, all to be available via their booth B6 (Main Temp), happening May 5-8 @ Centralworld, Bangkok.

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

"81Corps" custom painted by Kenth Toy Works (above), features Ron English’ s Mousemask Muphy in Airplane. Painted in very pop colorways on GID casted MMM, only 5pcs made and each one is unique, with each head and arm are painted in different color.

Only 4pcs available for sale at TTE booth B6 (1pc is for Ron). No price listed.

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

"DoroDoro Zombie Alex" custom painted by Knuckle of Little Chop Design (above), featuring Frank Kozik's A Clockwork Carrot Lil Alex in blue, red and yellow colorways, limited 2pcs each. This edition comes with resin casted Carrot and mask. No price listed.

(FYI: DoroDoro is Japanese word meaning Melty).

"EVIL KISS" custom painted by Chop of Monster Farm, featuring Ron English's EVIL MC. Expect "Gene", "Paul", "Ace" and "Peter" to represent, with this being a single piece each made! To be sold as a SET (no prices listed). Shown here is a WIP / "work-in-progress" - First come, first served basis.

BBT PRESS: "We would be bringing COOKONE x Delicious Vinly:Mr.12 sofubi, which we’ve been teasing the release for the long time. This TTE would be the pre-release prior to the official launch of fully painted one in this summer. BBT pre-release Mr.12 at TTE"

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

Also expect the following:

1. IRON12 - COOKONE custom painted one-offs (seen above). "Not just weathered painting, he got screws on his body to have mecha look. As the stencil number on his front indicates, only 2pcs made."

2. Stealth edition. "MADE IN JAPAN clear casted one. Both COOKONE and KTW custom painted on this. Very limited amounts would be available at TTE prior to the online release, which would be the same time as official release."

3. Kenth Toy Works custom painted one-offs (seen below). "KTW who sculpted Mr.12 custom painted with his secret paint tech. Only 2pcs made. Each one is unique."

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

Chibi Godzilla by SoKo Cat Available Now!

SoKo Cat (Instagram @SoKo_Cat / Twitter @SoKo_Cat_Art / Facebook) shares with us her latest creation: CHIBI GODZILLA!

A total of TEN of these cuties dropped today and are available for purchase via - priced at $25 each with free domestic shipping (in USA). This was what Teri had to share about the figure's make;
"Custom molded and cast in resin, SoKo Cat has hand-painted the completed pull, with high-quality acrylics and washes, to produce a unique, original-colorway itty bitty kaiju! With yellow, glazed eyes and painted fangs, the detail on this piece is remarkable, given it is only 7/8 inches tall!"

Vice Press Announce Officially Licensed Dracula: Prince of Darkness Screen Print Art Poster by Francesco Francavilla

Dracula: Prince of Darkness by Francesco Francavilla
Edition of 120
24 x 36 inches
100# Cougar Cover Natural Paper
7 Colours
Printed by Vahalla Studios

Vice Press announces their next officially licensed screen print movie poster; the 1966 Hammer Horror classic Dracula: Prince of Darkness, starring Christopher Lee as Dracula with art by Francesco Francavilla.

Produced under license from STUDIOCANAL Films Ltd and printed by Vahalla Studios, this beautiful art print set by Francesco Francavilla will be released at 6pm BST on Friday the 6th of May exclusively at (Read more HERE on FB)

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Variant) by Francesco Francavilla
Edition of 60
24 x 36 inches
100# Cougar Cover Natural Paper
7 Colours
Printed by Vahalla Studios

Introducing "The Donald Trump Show" by Jonathan Stephens

Jonathan Stephens has been working on a new line of custom figures, with the first to be released being a 'popular', controversial character you may have heard of – "Donald Trump"!

"The Donald Trump Show" is a 3 ¾” limited edition (non-articulated) hand cast resin figure that comes fully carded with artwork produced by Jonathan Stephens / TIMEBANDITS.

A drop date will happen somewhen in mid May. Official drop date and details will be announced soon on IG @timebandits__. It will be available at
"This is a TIMEBANDITS (@timebandits__ & @jstephensdesign) joint collabo project with ToddAction (@topo1622 Todd Anderson – Toy Maker/Toy Customizer) and sculpted by the brilliant David Arshawsky (@turtlemilkstudios). Be sure to follow us on IG to see teaser pics and drop details."

Erocks & Wookies by Lisa Rae Hansen for #StarWarsDay Drop

Lisa Rae Hansen sends word that the second half of the limited editions of 10 "Erock" and "Heavy Metal Wookie" colorways (that she had made for ToyConUK) will now be available for preorder via on Star Wars day May the 4th at 6pm BST.

The Erocks are priced at £30 gbp and the Wookies are £40 gbp. "With Worldwide shipping they will be sent out within 1-2 weeks," added Lisa Rae, who as well shared the following;
"Based off an original Kenner toy they are cast in resin and hand painted by myself. They come in a openable blister pack and are signed and numbered. "Erock" has removeable drumsticks and the "Wookie" has articulated magnetic arms and a removable guitar. "

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TOYSREVIL @ #StarWarsDaySG 2016

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Walking out of the air-conditioned comforts of Kallang Wave Mall (first time visit for myself too) into the outdoor sheltered OCBC Square where the 2016 Edition of Star Wars Day SG was held - I was struck by a 'notion'; that if the red cloth skirting of the tables had been "black", or if there were multiple dark colored crates around, it would be like a scene from "Rogue One" - in the aircraft hangar, with the huge covering canopy that which was over OCBC Square… well, at least in my imaginations, anyways… :p

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May 1st Sunday was the second day of the Labor Day weekend when the #May4th celebrations were held, in spirit, of course (May the 4th would be in the middle of the week on a Wednesday, innit? :p), in in typical SG-spirit, we geek-on in advance! (Then maybe geek-on online on Wed too = double the geekery, init? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

Coming in after attending a wedding, I was not togged out in my Star Wars geek-wear, but nevertheless bumped into some friends - which is always a thrill to meet fellow-geeks, I will not lie - and took some snaps, since uploaded HERE on Facebook, AND a coupla video clips to share!

Seen at #starwarsdaysg #maythe4thsg (part 2/2) #sarwarsday #maythe4th

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On show were a variety of fan-related geekery, from cosplay (a staple of any geek event here in Asia) to lightsaber performances and merchandize, to framed comicbook artwork and toy-photography, and of course "TOYS" - one of the larger influences on folks here, as essentially one if able to partake in the Star Wars Universe, with even a single purchase, and that's all right with me!

From vintage figures to customized awesomeness, feel free to click thru the links below to further features on my dedicated #starwarsallday-blog, showcasing the works of Wetworks, Boyan Customs and PsyfoolRulez Customz!

(A closer look at customs from Boyan Customs HERE on #starwarsallday)

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(A closer look at customs from Wetworks HERE on #starwarsallday)

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(A closer look at customs from PsyfoolRulez-Customz HERE on #starwarsallday)

"Live" drawing came from Rachta Lin ( / Instagram @rachtalin - seen in video above), and the Band of Doodlers (with SG$15 per portrait, to benefit charity), who as well had a quartet of artwork on auction (displayed at the main stage), to benefit Make A Wish Foundation (image below / View more HERE on #starwarsallday).

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Star Wars Day this year was such a "family affair" - at least from the folks I'd had the chance to meet. From recognizing "red lightsabers" to be by the evil "Sith", to kids literally trotting about with a lightsaber in hand, ever ready for a photo-op, was such a warm fuzzy feeling to behold.

The Padawans will soon grow to be full Jedis, while we endure as the remnants of the Old Republic … Feels kinda "sad", and exhilarating at the same time!

Kudos to the organizers for keeping The Force alive, and May The Force Be With You All!




Trailer & Poster for GANTZ:O

Since it's birth as a manga launched in 2000, GANTZ has since ended 37-volume Gantz manga in Young Jump (circa 2013), and has had incarnations as anime and live-action feature films, with it's next stage of media evolution being the upcoming GANTZ:O animation film, scheduled to premiere October 14th 2016 in Japan! THIS is the trailer! As well head on to the official www @

WHAT IS GANTZ: "Gantz (Japanese: ガンツ Hepburn: Gantsu?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku. Gantz tells the story of Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, both whom died in a train accident and become part of a semi-posthumous "game" in which they and several other recently deceased people are forced to hunt down and kill aliens armed with a handful of futuristic items, equipment, and weaponry. Both the manga and anime are noted for their heavy violence and sexual content.

The Gantz anime adaptation, directed by Ichiro Itano and animated by Gonzo, contains 26 episodes divided into two seasons. A series of two live action movies based on the manga were produced and released in January–April 2011."

ASTURO SAPIEN Ver.01 by Guma Guma (Prototype Preview)

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Suryo Herlambang from Jakarta, Indonesia shares with TOYSREVIL his first debut self-made toy (Prototype shown here); "ASTURO SAPIEN VER.01" by GUMA GUMA!
"The artwork is inspired by the classic film, history, anime, tribe culture, animals, vintage toys, pulp, etc. Asturo Sapien mixes pop culture with classic science fiction mood." - shared Suryo
The Astro- Boy-by-way-of Neanderthal dawn-of-mankind resin figure stands a massive 14.5 inches / 37cm tall, and features "handcrafted paint", and is limited to only 25pcs produced. Price is SGD$165 / IDR 1,500K (exclude shipping) - purchase online via Drop date TBC.

A photo posted by GUMAGUMA (@artgumaguma) on

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