Introducing "FRIENDS" by #TheGoodHabit

We've seen the unpainted sculpts at Popcon Asia, and now TheGoodHabit is poised to introduce his uber adorable "FRIENDS", with some of them have already been scurrying out and about on Instagram @thegoodhabit!

Say HELLO to Movey, Brooke, (??) , Bubby, Joey, Mowey, Beth and Hoper - seen here in a nice "family photo" (We'll get to know them individually, in time, no worries :p) Meanwhile, here are a few more snaps and video to share!


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"Dredd" Print by Carlos Ezquerra Releases Sept 10 on #VicePress

PRESS: "Vice Press are extremely honoured to present “Dredd” by Carlos Ezquerra, the legendary co-creator of Judge Dredd. This release is the next in our officially licensed line of 2000 AD art prints and marks the first time any of Carlos’s work has been released as a screen print. "
As well known for his other character creations like "Strontium Dog" and work on "Tharg the Mighty" and issues of "ABC Warriors" with Pat Mills, the aweomeness that which is "Carlos Ezquerra"might be overlooked perhaps by whipper-snappers, but with the old guard of 2000AD comics, Carlos be, well, AWESOME! “Dredd” will be available on Thursday the 10th of September at 6pm BST at www.Vice-Press.com.

Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Title: “Dredd”
Size: 18 inches x 24 inches
Regular: (Above Image) Edition of 150, £35, 8 colours, 100# Cougar White
Variant: (Below Image) Edition of 50, £40, 1 colour Keyline Art, 110# Cranes Lettra Flo White
Printer: Lady Lazarus
Both editions come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

NimbuSucculent from Paulus Hyu

Paulus Hyu's Nimbus character creation becomes a collectible vessel for greenery, with this "NimbuSucculent" sculpt! The current trend of "miniature landscaping" sees this sleeping French bulldog in what looks to be a carved out wood sculpture, sized maybe around 4 inches long? Sized like his "Wood Nimbus" release from 2013?

Apologies for the lack of product details, as my enquiries have not been replied to at time of this post. Nevertheless, folks interested are to email "ireneandflowers@gmail.com" (with subject "NimbuSucculent") for availability and pricing details.

(Top Pic by Eric Wirjanata / Below image taken by @iladavina)

WIP #MonsterHunter Rathalos Munny by SEN Customs

Indonesia-based resin slinger known as SEN Customs previews his "Rathalos" (which SEN added; "Based on monster hunter game which I played for hundreds hours lol") - Seen here as resin recasts from his sculpt on a Mini Munny, with this particular version being a armor-clad humanoid Warrior Wyvern! Updates when I have them :)

(*CLICK HERE to view all SEN customs' works #onTOYSREVIL)

Above: WIP Sculpts
Below: Back view of resin recasts

Atomic Uchuujin & Critters from Zectron for Aug 29 Drop

Zectron shares with us his upcoming indie toy release (before his vinyl figures drop next month), starting with a micro run of 15 x resin ATOMIC UCHUUJIN figures! Each hand painted by @joe_whiteford with molding/casting by @ericnilla and as always designed/sculpted by @thelastzectron. The whole package is priced at only US$55. Available at 2pm PST on Aug 28th here: ericnilla.storenvy.com. This was what Zectron had to add about said package:
"Inspired by the famously banned episode of Ultraseven each figure also comes with an authentic vintage toy watch from the old 1960's comic book ads that actually fires small missiles. Included with the figure is an old school 3D header card an a pair of 3D glasses for proper viewing. A 2.25 inch button of the watch face graphic comes with each figure as well and to top it all off Joe Whiteford himself did the art for a couple of evil Uchuujin valentine cards as well. "
"At the same time there will be a run of keshi rubber Atomic Uchuujin figures for US$18 each. Coming in metallic silver or metallic blue, there are also a few thermal color changing versions. And to round out the whole drop there will be a random blind bagged keshi rubber release of the always popular Critter inspired sculpt for US$13 each." - added Zectron.

Introducing OFFICE CAT by Javier Jimenez x Max Toy Co

Mark Nagata reveals an image of an upcoming sofubi coming from Max Toy Co named "OFFICE CAT" - featuring character design by Javier Jimenez (with sculpt by Cristina Ravenna). But just "Who Is Office Cat?"
"The Office Cat is just a regular cat that works in an office. He’s really lazy and is always sleepy so his boss is always yelling at him." - shared Javier.
I wonder if Office Cat is a colleague of tokidoki's Salary Man and Frank Kozik's Salari Ika, and they all work in the same company under Dehara's SalaryMan Boss?

Count me IN for a gacha series of different toy designers' SalaryMen, okay? Meanwhile, stay tuned to further developments of Javier's Office Cat on IG @maxtoyco :)

First Look at HG Edition Samurai from Huck Gee x JonPaul Kaiser x Pobber - to debut at #STGCC2015

Pobber Toys will be extremely busy, come #STGCC2015, where they will debut brand new collectibles, including collaborations with UME Toys with PIP The UME Pup, Twelvedot's ROADKILL, and maybe even Scott Tolleson's PACO TACO!

Adding to that illustrious line-up is THIS splendid piece of Huck Gee's edition, in a three-way collaboration with JonPaul Kasier (We've been teased with the back before) and Huck Gee! Expect the sculpt to debut :)

Vinyl Idolz: Young Frankenstein from Vinyl Sugar

VINYL SUGAR PRESS: "Alive! It’s alive! Our new Young Frankenstein Vinyl Idolz are alive! Dr. Frederick Frankenstein - that’s FRONK-en-steen - never wanted to accept his family history, but then he found his grandfather’s diary and found himself changing his mind. Igor is happy to steal a brain for you, as long as you don’t have your heart set on receiving the one you specifically asked for. An Abby Normal brain, perhaps? Watch out for The Monster - if he escapes, he may try to kill you or even steal your fiancé! Hopefully you can play the violin and lure him back to safety. Coming in September!"
Hop on over to #popcornX (my movie hobby-blog) for individual images of the figures, AND an embed of the Full Film! *ENJOY*

Vinyl Idolz: Shaun of the Dead from Vinyl Sugar

The "wait" is finally over … soon … one of the first design images which no doubt help gaining the attention of Funko (my humble speculation, of course), was A Large Evil Corporation's rendition of "Shaun of The Dead" characters, now solicited by Vinyl Sugar for a September release!

Do check in with your fav retailers for pricing and availability :)

VINYL SUGAR PRESS: "Vinyl Sugar is delighted to welcome a new set of zombie hunting Vinyl Idolz! Shaun and Ed are ready to save some lives, grab some pints at the Winchester and wait this zombie thing out…or is it too late for one of them? There’s no time like a zombie apocalypse to try to win your girlfriend back! Coming in September!"


Tix To STGCC2015 Giveaway Contests on TOYSREVIL Begins NOW!

TOYSREVIL has a total of Ten Single Day Entry Tickets to give away for the coming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic-Con (#STGCC2015), courtesy of event organizer Reed Exhibitions! The annual event happens this year at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center on September 12th to 13th (Saturday & Sunday), and TOYSREVIL is one of the Official Supporting Blogs for the event.

Note that you can join in ALL the giveaways, but you'll not win more than a single ticket per same person, cool? Share da lure! Thanks for understanding :)

3 x Single Tix to giveaway on Instagram
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2 x Single Tix to giveaway on Twitter
2 x Single Tix to giveaway on the TOYSREVIL-Blog

Giveaway Contests for ALL www-locales begin NOW, and ends a week from now on September 4th @ 2359hrs (+8 GMT Singapore time). Winners will be announced shortly afters (during the weekend).

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ADDITIONAL TERMS & CONDITIONS: - Each winner will receive a Single Day Ticket Entry to STGCC 2015 (between Sept 12 to...

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- Conditions of Single Entry Tickets are subject to Reed Exhibitions and not via TOYSREVIL or myself.
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- My decision is final.

MyRoyalEgo's Modern Primate: OG Gray + Nocturnal Versions On Sale Now

"Modern Primate" is 7.5" resin figure designed by Abell Octovan and produced by MyRoyalEgo, with two editions currently made available for your purchasing pleasures! Interested folks are to email : abell@myroyalego.com / abelloctovan@gmail.com for more info.

Although I have yet to review my edition, this is a swell piece to add to your art toy collection, IMHO!

The Gray colorway is the "original version" limited to 8pcs only and priced at US$160 (Price includes international shipping)

The Black "Nocturnal" version is limited to 8pcs, with only 3pcs left (at time of this post) - Priced at US$200 (include international shipping).

Max Boy Revealed + The Re-Opening of Max Toy Club from Max Toy Co

Max Toy Co has revealed their official Max Toy mascot figure, MAX BOY in full! This 5" tall vinyl figure possess an articulated/swivel head (at the neck) and will be up for grabs at US$35 (Free USA club shipping / International quoted per each order / CA residents pay 8.75% sales tax).

Also note that this figure will not be limited in this colorway, and will be "in stock" at most times. As well this vinyl is currently being offered to Club members in limited quantities, so do check your email inboxes for details.
"I've wanted to make this since starting Max Toys over 9 years ago. Once again, masterful sculpt by Makino-san, with casting by Shimizu-san and painting by the Maruyama Bros in Tokyo, Japan. Inspiration was various Japanese mascot figures like Sony Boy and of course ideas from my son, Max!" - shared Mark Nagata.
"I'm also re-opening the Max Toy club, with a brand new club kit. New kit has Max Boy (same figure as above), Club button, sticker and patch! All in a nice folder! By the way, many thanks to Javier Jimenez for the design work on the new club kit!" - added Mark (be sure to tick your inboxes, existing Club Members!)

Scott Tolleson's Red Metal Mini Deadbeet Drops Aug 28th

"Tomorrow (8/28) at 10 AM PST. I will be releasing a batch of freshly pulled baby Deadbeets! The finish on these guys are amazing. They almost look edible. They are a candy apple red coating on cast metal. A must for every beet garden! There is no limit to the amount that can be purchased. They will be $10 + $3 shipping. They will be for sale at my store www.stolleart.com/store." - shared Scott Tolleson (Previously teased)

Introducing PIP The UME Cub from UME Toys x Pobber for #STGCC2015

Introducing Pip the UME cub! From UME Toys x Pobber comes this little cutie, with availability to be had at the coming #STGCC2015 (Sept 12-13). And while the price point is still unavailable, know that this version of Pip will be limited to only 10 pieces. Alas Richard Page will not be able to make it to Singapore for the show, nevertheless this one is not to be missed, methinks!
PRODUCT PRESS: "At 3 inches tall this little lion is playing the cute card hard! Sitting on his chubby behind curling his podgy toes, he is ready to join your toy collection today. Pip’s head is attached using extra strong neo magnets allowing him to be posed. Each cub is hand made and comes signed and numbered on the base complete with a custom header carded bag."

Threezero To Do Bethesda Studio's #Fallout4

Threezero to do "Fall Out 4" from Bethesda Games Studio, with this image of the faceplate/helmet for a T-60 power armor being the first teaser salvo.

Threezero has been doing extremely well with video game licenses, and with their splendid builds for 1/6th scaled mecha-related humanoid articulated action figure, this is a shoo-in for epic toyness, methinks! :)

New Pastel Resin Releases by Daniel Yu on Sept 29

Daniel Yu send sword that he will be releasing some new editions of the Plague Oracle, Wilbur and Jiangshi Acolyte in pastel colours this weekend Saturday, 29th September, 10am EST (3pm London Time / 10pm Singapore Time), online via store.thedanielyu.com! (As well stay tuned to updates on Daniel's Instagram @thedanielyu and Facebook)

The Plague Oracle (pastel pink) @ US$22 each
Includes 3 interchangeable accessories, cast in a
washed out skin tone. Edition of 10. 3 inches tall,
hand cast resin piece.

Wilbur (pastel green) @ US$30 each
Edition of 10. 4 inches tall, hand cast resin piece.

Jiangshi Acolyte (pastel purple) @ US$20 each
Edition of 10. 3 inches tall, hand cast resin piece.

BIPOLAR Cadaver Twins by Devils Head Productions x SPLURRT Drops Sept 5th

Toby Dutkiewicz sends word of a microrun of Cadaver Twins (a splurrt toy) will be made available here on devilsheadquarters.storenvy.com on September 5th. Priced at US$175.00 each. each, Toby added; "Each one is a unique one off but they all fall into what we are calling the BIPOLAR family."

New WILLOS from Kyle Kirwan available online now

Kyle Kirwan shares with us info and images of WILLOS currently available in his online shop. Two editions to choose from; the original pink colorway and a new ("red") Songbird colorway - each priced at US$100 for a handmade 11" Tall Rotocast Resin art sculpture.
"A lot of people have been hounding me to put some Willos in the shop though so I did. I figure it's high time and living on the road is getting expensive so time to make some dough. These two colorways are out now but expect more. Maybe even a nycc exclusive? (Probably)." -shared Kyle Kirwan.


#throwbacktoythursday: Art Toy Gachas from TOYSREVIL @ Anime Festival Asia 2011

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

TOYSREVIL Giveaways To Score Tickets to the 2015 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Thanks to the folks from Reed Exhibitions, TOYSREVIL has 5 pairs of One-Day Entry Tickets for the coming Singapore Toy, Game & Comic-Con to give away! Contests are going to begin reaaaal soon :)

Stay tuned to my Instagram @toysrevil, the TOYSREVIL-Facebook (at fb.com/toysreviler) and Twitter @toysrevil for giveaway details soon! (*PSST: Might as well outright "Follow" or "Like" TOYSREVIL now to join *cough-cough*)

FYI: #STGCC2015 happens the coming weekend of September 12th and 13th at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, where winners are to collect their ticket prizes physically at the ticketing booth at the event entrance themselves (but we hook up afters, and take selfies/wefies together in the event hall, okay? :p)

Tony Tran's TRANIMATED DIY On KickStarter

Tony Tran (IG @claynexted / one of the members of the Arsenal of Artists) presents TRANSANIMATED - his very own DIY art toy where folks can "draw, paint, sculpt over." Production of which lay in YOUR hands, as it is currently being listed on Kickstarter, seeking a Goal Pledge of US$2,500, with this project only being funded if at least $2,5K is pledged by Friday, September 25th. (Cheers for the headsup, Alex)

Shown below are a few examples of how the Tranimated figure can be transformed to character customs (utilizing sculpting), including "Captain Phasma" (a chrome trooper who is an officer in the First Order for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"), and a WIP for Harley Quinn from "Suicide Squad"!

Beats Series Part 5 Resin Figures by Patrick Wong Highlights the ASR-X Sampling Drum Machine

Patrick Wong shares with us news of his "Beats Series Part 5" Resin Figures - which highlights the ASR-X Sampling Drum Machine. Priced at only $35 each, these are available in either Black or Red variants now here online through September 12, 2015 for preorder with no copies available after this date (Orders will ship by the end of September).

PRODUCT PRESS: "Expanding on his Beats Series of resin minifigures, Canadian artist Patrick Wong reveals his latest addition titled "ASR-X". The series is primarily aimed for music production enthusiasts to mark the evolution of sampling technology as resin collectible art. This release is inspired by the actual sampling drum machine of the same name released in 1997 (1998 for the Pro red model).

The ASR-X originally entered the marketplace poised as a "MPC-Killer" and competed directly with Akai's flagship MPC 3000. Although failing to capture the title in the end, the ASR-X was a notable groove production tool with easy sequencing, resampling, digital effects, and a built-in set of low/high pass filters."
"Part 5 comes sealed in shrink film with a numbered card, packaged as others in the series with a kraft gift box, and comes with one toy record accessory of the Headhunters "Survival of the Fittest" LP featuring the classic break in "God Made Me Funky"."
Instagram: @patrickwongart
Twitter: @patrickwongart

Ron English Apocalypse Grin by Kidrobot Drops Sept 4th

"Kidrobot and Ron English are excited to announce the official release of Apocalypse Grin 8" Dunny.

Ron English Apocalypse Grin is based off the previously released 3" version of the Dunny. The 3" Dunny was originally produced as a part of the 2012 Apocalypse Dunny Series.

Kidrobot is pleased to bring the Apocalypse Grin Dunny into 8" form. There will also be an additional color way, available only as a chase piece.

With a SRP of US$75 per, the Ron English Apocalypse Grin 8" Dunny will be available in stores and online at Kidrobot.com on Friday, September 4th at 9AM MST. Although I am unfamiliar with the color palette used on the chase edition (not colors I'd associate with Mr English, I suppose), I am loving BOTH editions!
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