#SuperBowl 2016 TV Spots #SB50

And while it was the first day the Chinese Lunar New Year here in Singapore, the annual Super Bowl raged-on in the United States, which saw a series of feature films being represent by their TV Spots! Featured here in this single blogpost are a select few - scroll down to view them ("again", if you already have, all good!), and ENJOY!

Singapore's MBS / Marina Bay Sands and the ECP gets devastated in the latest Independence Day: Resurgence spot (from approx 0:23 seconds mark-in), and as well there's a new poster too! (We Singaporeans always gets kinda air-fist-punchy when we get represented on celluloid tho, even if it meant "disasters" ~ LOL)

Classic villain "Krang" is teased here in the latest spot for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - which already included "Bebop and Rocksteady", "Casey Jones" and a new "Shredder" already! Totally bang-for-the-retro-buck on characters in this installment, methinks!

Fly to Metropolis & Gotham with Turkish Airlines - with this duo promo videos featuring "billionaires" of either cities in Batman v Superman - with "Lex Luther" for Metropolis, while "Bruce Wayne" promotes "Gotham" (something totally out of comicbook character as Bruce is drawing attention to his "public" self more … at least the Snyder version is different from the comicbooks, I guess?).

(Also blogged on #popcornX + #manofsteelmovie)

(Also blogged on #popcornX + #xmenonfilm)

The key-focus for X-Men: Apocalypse here, for me in this spot was most definitely the appearance of Olivia Munn's "Psylocke" for more than a headshot (in the last trailer), in a sequence that she's brandishing her psychic knife "in action" - and it is glorious geekboy-action, without a shadow of a doubt, c'mon! (Then of course there's THAT Psylocke versus Deadpool video …)

Ant-Man makes an appearance in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, and sides have since been chosen for both #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan … Which side would YOU chose?

And speaking of "Ant-Man", the final featured video is for a product, but utilizing characters from the comicbook movies: Ant-Man versus The Hulk (using the likeness of actor Mark Ruffalo from "The Avengers) - with the two different sized characters fighting over … a can of "Coke Mini"? (Reminds e of airline coke cans anyways, doesn't it? Heh).

OTHER movies featured as well include yet another Deadpool, and even 10 Cloverfield Lane had some sort of allusion to "monsters" (but I'm not biting yet…) … and "Jason Bourne" returns with actor Matt Damon, this time in a movie where he doesn't need to be rescued! LOL


Happy Chinese New Year from Hell's Kitchen

Happy Lunar New Year!

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Han Yew Hock (IG @yewhock) Wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! "Huat! Huat! all the way! 恩上加恩!"

News of the TOYSREVIL-Exclusive RED Vader Grenade (seen up top) after the CNY period! (Remember, TOYSREVIL-Mailing List folks have first dibs…)

TOYSREVIL will be back online tomorrow February 10th, 2016 :)

Thank you for the greeting card Sean Lee (DB.com/seanleedesign1) #CNY

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Thanks for your submission, Roger A Pierre AKA Shade Under Here!


Wishing Everyone A Healthy & Wealthy Chinese New Year & A Happy Year of the Monkey!

Wishing Everyone A Healthy & Wealthy Chinese New Year & A Happy Year of the Monkey!

And while I might still be Instagramming it up on @toysrevil (most probably with food and festivities snaps), the TOYSREVIL blog will be back with full bloggery on Wednesday February 10th, 2016 :)


Happy Year of the Monkey Toys from Eddie Sung!

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Praaaaaise The Pineapple Tart! #HappyCNY, folks! :) #toylife #timetoshowyourmonkeytoys #tagmeifyoudo

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TOY CREDITS: The all-gold MonstreApe is from Figlab's Finger Five series.


Argonaut Resins "Live" Sculpting at New York Toy Fair 2016

Eric Nocella Diaz ofArgonaut Resins will be conducting a "live" sculpting demo at the coming New York Toy Fair (Fen 13-16) at Javitts Convention Center in NYC - where he'll be boothing at the Creative Factor (Psst: You won't need a show badge at the area where he's at).

Featured here are snaps showcased on his Instagram @argonautresin, and blog, featuring WIPs of his articulated action figure form, with a Tuttz cat head!

Harry Potter Manga

Would be nice if it came with an image or a pic tho...

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Having first read the page with no images in the local newspaper earlier in the week (baffled me so with that page featured above), I finally gave in to my curiosity and googled for "Harry Potter Manga" and found out how the boy wizard and his fellow fictional fellows were gonna look, in their next incarnation as chibified-manga characters! But instead of being in serialized sequential comicbook-styled stories, they are printed on folders and made for sale only in Japan. PSYCHE!

"The artwork is the result of a collaboration between a Japanese design firm and a film studio, according to the Guardian. In all, 13 Harry Potter characters got manga treatment. In addition to its eponymous hero, there was also Ron and Hermione, Dumbledore and even Harry's messenger owl Hedwig. The backside of the pictures feature animals representing the four houses of Hogwarts." (Thanks to Yahoo!News)

Artion Association @ Milk Mart 2 (Feb 6-7)

If you've missed their Saturday appearance, there is still today Sunday to go, up until 11pm, down at "Milk Mart II" @ the Hong Kong Observation Wheel 中環海濱摩天輪, Under the Ferris Wheel at Victoria Harbour. Look for Artion Association at Booth No.5 and grab their "Artion Puzzke Milk Mart version" if you can!

Scroll down for more snaps of their booth from yesterday :)

Attaboy Book Signing Event @ Haven Gallery on Long Island (Feb 13)

"Hi-Fructose Magazine co-founder and Long Island native Attaboy returns to sign the second printing of his latest humor book "The Book of Hugs" at Haven Gallery in Northport, LI.. A Q & A with the artist will kick off the night at 6:15pm. Event Night is on Saturday, February 13th, 6-8pm.

Copies of "The Book of Hugs" along with Attaboy's toys, prints, art and upcoming book "The Book of Butts", will be available for purchase at the gallery."
(More info via Facebook Evnts Page)

(Cheers for the headsup Erica)

Star Wars Toy Hacks by WEBBO

London based sculptor / "model deformer" Matt Webb AKA Webbo shares with TOYSREVIL his recent Star Wars toy hacks, currently available for purchase via his Etsy for £10 apiece. Scroll down for snaps, and words from Webbo himself;

WEBBO PRESS: "Star wars fan looking for some thing a bit different? Kind of like star wars but not sure if its cool or not? Hate star wars and want to get back at star wars geeks by supporting sacrilegious memorabilia?

Either way I have the idea thing for you to waste a tenner of your hard earned money on, toy hacking, model deformer WEBBO has been busy defacing some of the franchises favourite characters with baseball caps, boob jobs ,bling, Mohawk and dreads. turning something that was once valuable and collectable into some thing that still is valuable and collectable but in a slightly different way

maybe a present for the special star wars nerd in your life or a just for the inner child who wants to use art as an excuse to buy the toys his parents never got him, these bargains are available on etsy for the bargain price of just £10!"

#onTOYSREVIL: http://bit.ly/1QOioWs #StarWars Toy Hacks by WEBBO #toyhacks

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Introducing PROJECT #ZERO from NVDRS

Francesco Schiraldi of Italy based NVDRS introduces "PROJECT #ZERO" - whereby this 3.5 inch tall DIY figure consists of three separable pieces: Face, Body, Base, and where "The simple shape encourages and invites also the more classic colouring customizations.", shares Francesco, who further added;
"Because NVDRS is a design studio, we imagine #Zero not as a simple toy but like a real customizable project. Everyone can choose from alternative faces or bases with the help of  the NVDRS crew and they can also request the CAD file to create directly their own one. Just as an example, it is possible also to create accessories through 3D printing."
"Project #Zero, was born as an error during the design of another kids game made of wood. To test the people reaction and to joke, a #Zero picture was sent to various retailers. They responded with great curiosity and interest, not finding it in any catalogue."
Combinable in six different colours, the first pieces and the press images will be ready in mid-February.

Skippy Mini Figure from FUK2 (*Warning: Toy Nudity*)

Lance (@renonelab) shares with TOYSREVIL a headsup about "SKIPPY" - a fella who skips "skin" instead of "rope", using his own .. well, the images speak for themselves, don't it? Dude, just don't trip and step on it tho…! Heh.
"He's a resin mini figure based off a character from #fukseries2 artist Rodger Beck (@rodgerjames). Sculpted by Andrew Scribner (@rufusart), plus (packaging) from me @renonelab."
Skippy is currently on sale here for US$35.00 (plus shipping). The first run on muscle pink (so "apt" heehee) is 15 in this batch but will be limited to an edition of 50.

Wonder Festival 2016 (Winter) #wf2016w

"Wonder Festival is the world’s biggest figure festival which takes place twice a year - once in Winter and once in Summer. The first Wonder Festival of 2016 is set to be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan on the 7th February 2016." (whl4u.jp)
And here are some select snaps to share, snatched off Instagram with aplomb and gratefulness, I insist! Scroll down and drool to your heart's content - I know I did!

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ごらん、人がゴミのようだよ。 ワンフェス

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会場到着! 搬入開始! #wonderfestival #instinctoy #t9g

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ready�� #sofubi #sofuvi #ソフビ #playstudio #wonderfestival2016 #wonderfestival #kaiju #monster #designertoys

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#キン肉マン #wonderfestival #ultimatemuscle #sofuvi #kinkeshi

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#キン肉マン #ashuraman #ultimatemuscle #kinkeshi #wonderfestival #sofuvi

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Wonder Festival 4-04-13.

A photo posted by Nigo BlackBook Toy Takahashi (@nigo_bbt) on

@restore_created #restore_created #sofubi #vinyl #kaiju #monster #toys #wf2016w

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A photo posted by @messiyiu on

どう干支フィギュア(オリジナルver.)完売ぃー!!! #wf2016w

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DYNO by Fluffy House Drops Feb 14

TOYSREVIL first featured him at the "White Monsters" @ Everyday Mooonday, Korea in 2015, and (nearly) one year later, DYNO THE DINOSAUR will officially greet the world, for when he celebrates his birthday on Valentines Day February 14th! He'll be on sale at 21:00hrs (HK Time) online via fluffyhouse.bigcartel.com. Each 4" tall vinyl figure is priced at US$39.00!

"DYNO is a lonely monster waiting for somebody to love. His skin was colorful but it turned completely white after years of waiting. He waits until his species extinct but nobody has ever responded. Yet, he has not given up his hope. He just keeps on waiting for someone he could love wholeheartedly."


Omen Hong & Omen Kong - MILK x coarse for Milk Mart (Feb 6-7)

From coarse comes two special Chinese New Year exclusive omens: "OMEN HONG" and "OMEN KONG". To be made available this weekend at the MILK Magazine organized flea market titled "Milk Mart II" @ the Hong Kong Observation Wheel 中環海濱摩天輪, Under the Ferris Wheel at Victoria Harbour. (Feb 6-7 only).

Booth No.16 will also see other coarse collectibles on display (check out the video clip at bottom of this post). Neither prices nor quantities of either Omens have yet to be revealed … Both Mark and Sven will be in attendance.
"Hong Kong has always been like a second home to us, and we can’t wait to say hi to all our Hong Kong collectors during our favorite time of the year.
Milk Mart:
February 6, from 2 – 11 p.m.
February 7, from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m."

A video posted by @coarselife on

(Cheers for the headsup, Winston!)

Building Evangelion Gashapon On A Saturday Morning

And so while waiting for my lappie to reboot this fine Saturday morning, I'd decided to attempt to build the Evangelion gashapon I've been delaying in building, because the pieces seemed tiny, and my inept chubby digits and challenged eye-sight might prove more trouble than it were … which of course turned out totally true, and would have easily given up but for my personal aggrieved state of self-worth in assembling a toy! "Trumped by a Toy?" ~ "I think not", I say!

But yeah, it was a struggle, I'm not gonna lie … "humbled" by a gashapon, perhaps … :p

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

I don't do hobby kits, and probably'd never done any (otherwise I'd remember, I think?), hence I've never needed a "hobby kit mat" (I'm sure there's an official "name" for it :p) ... Until today, when tiny pieces were dropping off my useless fingers, and bouncing off the table top! THEN did I realized the need for the mat!

Remembering that time when I bought a Gundam Mat with Luke Chueh in town, and wishing I got one for myself too now hahahaha … but I used my face towel instead, ad it works! No more bouncy-bouncing!

The end build was pretty satisfying, and I felt somewhat achieved for the day … two more EVAs to build in this collection next! LOL

#toylife #gachagachagachaaa #evangelion #EVA #gashapon #gacha

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Have a swell toy-weekend ahead, my friends!
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