TOYSREVIL Reviews Frank Kozik's Heathrow The Hedgehog

I've had an opportunity to paw Frank Kozik's new blind box series of vinyl Heathrows and spew some of my own impressions (in the video above), and as well share some images here, with MORE on my FB. I got mine at Ozzo Collection in Singapore, as well you could check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability. SRP for each box is US$10.

"Heathrow lives in the Magic Forest and isn't really happy about it. In fact, he hates it, along with just about everything else. Or so he claims, although we have the sneaking suspicion he's just a little bored."

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Regrettably I have very few toys by @frankkozik #sadface - thanks or the #Heathrow @mikeozzo ! #toylife

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@frankkozik Heathrow in-hand is so adorable OMG! Snag yours from #OzzoCollections at CSC #toylife

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ThimbleStump Hollow Color Teasers

Coming from Cardboard Spaceship this summer is the ThimbleStump Hollow blind box figure series, featuring characters from Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak, teasers of which are shown here. Expect 9 characters to collect, with a planned July sale.

Sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider, resin prototypes of the "ThimbleStump Hollow" characters were on display at SDCC'14, with the final vinyl versions to be sized 3-inches tall. The colors shown here are pretty interesting and hardly palette hues I "normally" would have associated with either artists (well, maybe more Spayd less Ryniak :p) … can't wait to see what happens next!

Jim Philip's RUNNING EYE - NEW YORK CITY Art Show & Toy Launch (June 5)

EVENT PRESS: "Legendary skate/surf artist JIM PHILLIPS collaborates with street wear brand Subcrewreact, artist Jahan Loh and art figure makers MIGHTY JAXX to present his latest sculpture work, THE RUNNING EYE. Produced under the direct supervision of Jim himself over a period of 12 months, this limited edition art collectible will be released in New York City on 5th June 2015.

We have invited art and skate personalities who share the same respect towards Jim and his works, to contribute a unique custom Running Eye just for this event. Also available are some lifestyle items based on the Running Eye design, produced by SUBCREW, to commemorate the event."
(Facebook Events)
Participating artists include: Jim Phillips / Jimbo Phillips / Colby Phillips / Christian Hosoi / Steve Caballero / Jakuan Melendez / Greg Mishka / Ewokone ART / Buff Monster / KMNDZ / Godmachine / Brian Flynn / David Flores / Spencer MAR Guilburt / Les Schettkoe / Brian Romero / Austin England / Mark Hoppus. = now, that's quite a roster! Here are some sneaks to look at;

Above-left: Steve Caballero @steviecab
Above-right: Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez @ogkmndz
Below-left: WIP by Les Schettkoe @division_les
Below-right: Teaser of production Running Eye
by Mighty Jaxx (priced at US$80 each)

Comics & Toys for "The Shitty 9" from 3A Toys

"The Shitty 9" is a new running concept/story from ThreeA Toys that has since produced two toy releases with Good Smile Co of Japan, along with an online release of a new "World War Robot" comic series featuring the art of Ashley Wood - images of which are reproduced below, while the following episode can be read in the monthly HobbyJapan magazine, 6 months in a row, starting from the June issue.
"In every issue, there will be 2 pages of all new comics by Ashley Wood, plus 1 page of photos of the new toy. The associated toy will be sold at Good Smile Online Shop in a limited quantity." (via)

Launched for sale yesterday at the GoodSmile online shop is the 1/12th scale RPU DROPCLOTH 2 pack are now on sale at ¥9,600 (for an August 2015 release), while MDL HAROLD was released earlier for pre-orders.

[ More images HERE on FB ]
RIM PATROL UNIT DROPCLOTH: "23 and 87 the first robots known to go awol, they left their corp during a clean up job on a Martian incursion off the coast of New Zealand. They were later found dug in on the coast of Taiwan, how they got there and why is still not known! How they could autonomously leave their surrounds and make way to another country is of great interest to the Earth Coalition, some believe their programming has self evolved or at the least new levels of self awareness have surfaced as part of unknown programming? The WAR EVOLVES. Now part of the Shitty 9 corp!"

[ More images HERE on FB ]
MDL HAROLD / MARINER 4TH DIVISION: "The Sole surviving robot member of the Noachis Defence League which saw the EARTH DEFENCE FORCE drop 100 Large Martin from the IRON PANDA division on the city of Noachis. The battle for Noachis was a turning for MARS where all ongoing negotiations were cancelled. And the MARS ALONE edict was passed that saw MARS annex it self completely from Earth and forge a independent future. This of course was not seen favourably by the EDF! The war continues!"

"The Duel" stop-motion toy video from Criatura Estudio

"The Duel" is a promotional video for Brazilian art toy gallery/store WTF Plastic Co. done by Daniel Ferreira at Criatura Estudio, featuring Brambles from ThreeA Toys. Always love a good stop-motion with toys animation piece :)

A Look at "Human Becoming" / Q&A with Sean Lee

Sean Lee (Blog / Facebook) is a familiar face in the local circuit for indie illustrations and design, and I met him again at the recent Creative Market (May 2015 Edition) with a table filled his graphic characters made into postcards and pins, and as well his own picture book titled "我们都是畜生 Human Becoming" - for which select page snaps are shown here (with the permission of the artist), and as well a little Q&A…

TOYSREVIL: What is the book about?
SEAN LEE: "This an illustration book about human as the soul of the universe actually having the similar characteristic like animal. We can actually see this irony side reflect in our daily day. For example, stray dogs usually urinating in public places and made lots of mess and unpleasant smell, but why our public having the same situation as well?"

TOYSREVIL: You did all the illustrations yourself? How long did it take you to complete all?
SEAN LEE: "Yes, not only the illustration but the concept, copy-writing and the editorial are also done by me. I started this illustration book during year 2013. As a fulltime graphic designer in day time and I am only able to start my personal illustration work in the late evening. It takes me around one year to complete everything until I have the first copy lay in my hand. "

TOYSREVIL: Can folks buy this online? Or do they contact you directly?
SEAN LEE: "Yes, for local readers (Singapore & Malaysia), they can contact me directly. For oversea readers, they can purchase this illustration book thru seanlee.storenvy.com."

TOYSREVIL: Please do share with my readers; "WHO IS SEAN LEE?" :)"
SEAN LEE: "Sean Lee, Singapore-based Malaysian, born on Sept 10, 1985. He started his career as a graphic design since 2005 and began his illustration work during 2008. His illustration works was once exhibited at Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. His likes to tell stories with his illustration and believe that art is basically come from our daily life and daily life is a form of art."

Professor Grim’s Super Fantastic Misfit Bots series by Cesar Diaz

Cesar Diaz shares a new custom series with us: "Professor Grim’s Super Fantastic Misfit Bots” - with this blindboxed series going on sale Friday May 29th at 7pm PST at www.firehead.storenvy.com for US$20 each.
"They are hand sculpted on top of various Kidrobot molds using Super Sculpey, then painted with metallic acrylic paints. Figures are approx. 2.5” tall and are all 1 of 1. This is my first series under my new name “Firehead Designs”." -shared Cesar Diaz.
Store: firehead.storenvy.com
Twitter: FireheadDesigns
Facebook: http://goo.gl/szY27
Instagram: firehead_designs
Kik: firehead_designs

Blindbox of Bots from Sekure D

Dropping via the Sekure D Webstore on Friday May 29th, 9:00AM AEST (New York, USA: Thursday 28th, 7:00PM EDT / San Francisco, USA: Thursday 28th, 4:00PM PDT) is a new series of blindboxed figures from Sekure D, featuring Kidrobot Mascot based figures - two off whom are revealed today. Priced at US$75 each, there will be 5pcs in total, with only 1 of each custom.

"The Bots and Mascot silhouettes have been suffering a lack of love on the release and custom scene lately so I have put together a new blind box series. The series comprises of 5 total 3" bot customs with a variety of themes and 1 totally original design.

Like I so often do I have picked a few characters and combined my style and their appearance while respecting the shape of the original figure to create these customs. The first two are the Minion Bot and a Raphael Bot."
-shared Sekure D

Brent Nolasco's Bun Bun Tenacious Toys Exclusive Edition for #SuperSeriesSundays

Next Super Series Sundays release from Tenacious Toys sees a blue colorway edition Bun Bun by Brent Nolasco dropping Sunday May 31st via tenacioustoys.com. Priced at US$75 each, this Exclusive color variant is limited to just 7 pieces.
WHAT-IS: "Bun Bun was created by PA artist Brent Nolasco. Bun Buns are 6" two-part, rotocast, purple/blue resin figures with glass eyes. The heads articulate 360 degrees. Bun Bun is 100% hand painted by Brent Nolasco and cast in the USA by We Are Not Toys."


TOYSREVIL BlogWeek WrapUp (May 19 - May 25)


- Jubilee & Jean Grey in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’
- Pixar's "Inside Out": Animated Movie Trailers & Toys from Funko
- Crossbones in "Captain America: Civil War"
- Orange Marmalade (Korean Television Series)
- My #SundayAnimeTrip (May 24)


- Mario Kart: Fury Road (#MadMax Parody Trailer)
- "Mad Max 4" VHS Box Art by Sergio E. Redigolo Gusella
- Attack On 7-11


- Angry Groot Pop! Vinyl from Funko
- Gremlins ReAction by Funko (Available in June)
- Scarface ReAction Figure from Funko (Available in June)
- Jaws ReAction Toy Figures from Funko (Available in July)
- Fight Club ReAction Figures from Funko (Available in July)
- Pop! TV: Orphan Black from Funko
- Orange Is the New Black Pop! Vinyls from Funko
- ZAKU Dunny by SEN Customs


- #MADMAX #FURYROAD Print by Orlando Arocena
- "Amelie" screen print by Anne Benjamin x Spoke Art
- "City of Lost Children" screen print by Godmachine x Spoke Art


- A Look at "Miki & Moka" / Q&A with Ujin Yumeno


- "Stranger" necklaces from Flawtoys


Spray Can Studios Baby Kraken Drops Sunday May 24th on tenacioustoys.com

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Spray Can Studios Baby Kraken Drops Sunday May 24th at 8PM EST via tenacioustoys.com - priced at US$15 each and are limited to just 10 pieces in this colorway.
"Baby Kraken is a resin 3.75-inch figure created by 17-year-old Quinn Humlicek of Spray Can Studios out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Quinn has created a Tenacious Toys Exclusive color variant of his Baby Kraken figure in a marbled resin. A mixture of glitter blue, cobalt blue and clear resins are incorporated into each unique figure."

A Look at "Miki & Moka" / Q&A with Ujin Yumeno

With my visit to Creative Market (May 2015 Edition) over the past Saturday, I purchased a manga-styled black and white comicbook from artist "Ujin Yumeno", for which I'd love to share page snaps of with you folks here (posted with permission … pages presented ,ight not be in sequence tho :p ) - along with a lil'Q & A with Ujin about his book "Miki & Moka", and his art - Read-ON!

TOYSREVIL: Describe to first time (potential) readers what the book is about, Ujin!
UJIN YUMENO: On My Way Home – Miki and Moka is 2 mischievous sisters who were lost after a day out. They encountered a weird creature and got kidnapped! Are they able to escape from the creature's horrible lair? This is (my) first original comics.

TOYSREVIL: How long did it take you to complete all?
UJIN YUMENO: It took me generally 2 weeks to come out with the story board and character design. The first draft took me only 24 hours, during the 24 Hour Comic Challenge Event.

Then it took me another 3 weeks to Pencil then 3 more weeks to Ink.

TOYSREVIL: Can folks buy this online? Or do they contact you directly?
UJIN YUMENO: I have sold out all my copies during the Creative Market last week. I will be printing a limited amount for the upcoming CharaExpo, where I also have a Booth. Interested readers can get a Copy from me via email, (ujinyumeno@catsaretiny.com)

The Story is also available for everyone to read for free on my website www.catsaretiny.com.

TOYSREVIL: What else have you published, and what can folks look forward to from you, Ujin?
UJIN YUMENO: Miki and Moka is the first Comic I have created. I also have a 2nd one published by TCZ entitled 'TwinSouls", reader can read it by visiting comixmag.comics.org.sg.

I am currently working on a 3rd Story that will be released during the CharaExpo, June 21 called "The Third Prince". Do look out for it.

TOYSREVIL: Can you share with us: "Who Is Ujn Yumeno"?
UJIN YUMENO: Ujin used to be a Hardcore Video Gamer and a Pokemon Professor who dabbled in Oil Painting when he was in school.

He was mucking around in the World of Warcraft when two kittens invaded his home with high powered rifles and threaten to destroy his collection of Japanese Manga unless he start drawing comics about their adventures.

Ujin has since produced a comic book titled 'Moka & Miki's On the Way Home' and is now working on a webcomic series about the two Kittens, who have built a cardboard fortress on top of Ujin's closet and are watching his every move.

[ This article was first published on iNotOtaku! ]
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