Marine Ramdhanix Jouwe Capsule Collections @ #PopconAsia2014

And here is a quick snap of the complete JOUWE x TOYSREVIL Capsule Collection released Popcon Asia 2014 - featuring a tote bag, tee, art print, sticker, button, and as well the "original" Jouwe custom which I completed in 2010, but never did make it to the art gallery for display!

Also shown below are collections with Nakanari and Hello Muaw! Make your way to AAH.11 to purchase to your hearts' desires, and thanks for the support! Popcon exhibits from Friday Sept 19th thru to Sunday Sept 21st

Source: IG @marine_ramdhani

MUTE: Eric Noah + MrKumKum @ #PopconAsia2014

The MUTE Booth AAH5 at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) is helmed by two gentlemen; Eric Christian (IG @eric_noah) and Mr Kum Kum (IG @mrkumkum), and between them there are original artwork and sketches of K-Pop stars (Eric's "speciality"), tees, prints and custom painted gold+black art toys. Stunning stuff, indeed!

ALYMPU x BHAGASKARA @ #PopconAsia2014

AAH10 saw a combined booth featuring ALYMPU x Bowo Baghaskara at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) - featuring the customs x kitbashed 1/6 from ALYMPU (wished I could see more tho, as I am aftrewr all a 1/6-head ;p), and art toys from Bowo, which features a vibrant and metallic color aesthetic I've not seen from his earlier Earthy-based palette = *INTERESTING*

Source: Bowo Facebook

Plastic Culture & Nakanari @ #PopconAsia2014

Plastic Culture has been keeping pretty tight ship on their Facebook page, showcasing the art toy scene from Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) including scenes of Invited Guest Nakanari! Don't forget to check out their booth 46-49 for designer toy goodness - Don't forget to pick up the exclusive Black Lucky Cat Spiki from Nakanari - and also their recently launched online store @ www.plasticculture.toys.

"Shadow Spirit" by The Good Habit @ #PopconAsia2014

Spotted at The Good Habit booth AAH.8 is a large scaled (42cm tall) resin figure "Shadow Spirit" featuring the likeness of the Street Artist from Jakarta's mascot, also seen in numerous art prints, tee and his street art. According to his IG @thegoodhabit there will be 10pcs available for sales (Price unknown).

Norton Artist Series @ #PopconAsia2014

Seen at the Toy Kultur booth @ Popcon Asia 2014 is the full spread of the Norton Artist Series, featuring custom makes from a international group of artists - working on Wetwork's "Norton" resin figure - previously previewed. Check them out in person, from September 19th thru to 21st, 2014.

(Pics via IG @ictoys @iamwetworks)

MAFIA Factory @ #PopconAsia2014

Thailand brand MAFIA Factory is helming a booth AAH12 at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 19-21) where they have their latest CE designs and blank CEs made available. As well they have an event exclusive BABY CE, in yellow base color and sporting the event mascot printed in orange. Limited to 100pcs, look for it at the Popcon merch booth located outside the event hall!

Geekwok Mono and Red (Popcon Asia edition) Online Sale @ UME Toys

Apparently the 5pcs available from the Toy Kultur booth at Popcon Asia 2014 has since been Sold Out, so the only way to snag the rest of these black+red 3" cuties is online via umetoys.bigcartel.com on Friday September 19th at 9:00pm London time, for a total number of 10 x Geekwoks in this colorway edition.

Fabrikations: Star Wars from Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "We have two new characters from our line of 6” soft sculpture figures! Greedo and Chewbacca are joining the club! Chewbacca may be the furriest Fabrikation... Each figure features a rotating head and vinyl accessories.

These soft sculpted figures were created with the collector in mind. Each Fabrikation Soft Sculpture is filled with a dense foam to achieve a high-end lush feel. In addition, each Fabrikation is weighted to allow each figure to stand securely on the surface of your choice.

Greedo is available in September. Chewbecca is available in November."

Release the Squadts! TERROR BOYS GOHSTBAT [YETI WIZRD - NORTHERN] Sept 22 Online Sale

Revealed today is the white-hued TERROR BOYS GOHSTBAT [YETI WIZRD - NORTHERN] from Brndt Peters x FERG, with a release scheduled for Monday, SEPT 22 - 12:00 noon central time @ store.projectsquadt.com. Priced at US$105 (includes worldwide shipping) and in an edition of only 225 sets, the GOHSTBAT [YETI WIZRD - NORTHERN] is a 6" vinyl, with fur and ABS, and comes inclusive of 2 sets of HT lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, claw hands, jeweled sword-cane and a removable helmet. Looks amazing!

APO-Chillin' At The TOYSREVIL-HQ #toylife

It all started with the above pic, as I had wanted to showcase Twelvedot's APO Frogs (purchased at STGCC) and to answer folks' queries about the frogs' articulation … to which the answer as seen from these images is; "YES" and they could easily be removed from their joint sockets too!

Then I thought to do a more "elaborate" dioramic set-up, featuring "props" and such, having the frogs saunder about in a quasi post-apocalypse setting (APO Frogs = "Apocalyse" Frogs; true story) … and the result was a tad too "chaotic" in colors, which I then tried to desaturate and provide a sepia hue throughout to bind the image together … Do you think it worked? :)

I'm just happy to play with my toys LOL (All images are linked to their original Instagrams)

#playingwith Sylvan Firecracker Edition from Gary Ham x Pobber

#playingwith Sylvan Firecracker Edition from @garyham x @pobbertoys #toylife. Limited to 50pcs, the Firecracker Edition is a Pobber.com exclusive and will go on sale Sept 19 on pobber.bigcartel.com.

#PopconAsia2014 Opens

The third annual Popcon Asia opened it's doors 10am today (not more than 1/2 an hour Singapore-time) to offer three days of pop culture and design arts festivities from September 19th thru to the 21st.

I've always wondered about the event, although I have near zero perception on how the show actually is, having only covered it via the comforts of my chair at home in TOYSREVIL-HQ. This year proved a bit "different" than the usual, as I've collaborated with Bandung-based artist Marine Ramdhani with a release of a capsule collection, as well having my custom-Jouwe represented at the event … a gift of grace seeing that I'm only a blogger in the bigger scheme of things :)

I'll take this opportunity to thank the folks of The Brotherhood of Toys for inviting me to Jakarta for this event, but alas my Dengue Fever has kept my one ear near-deafened still, and me away from the good food and company ...

(Above: via Twitter @Marine_ramdhaniat booth AAH.11
Below-left via IG @mafiafactory / Below-right: via IG @prontopixel)

Nevertheless I'll attempt to enjoy the festivities via the online pictures attendees and exhibitors chose to instagram or tweet… and you folks can Click HERE to view coverage of the event on TOYSREVIL and enjoy the show, folks!

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