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Sincere apologies for the lack of updates this fine Saturday, as I’ve had a day-filled with offline tasks, and some “upgrading works” being done to TOYSREVIL HQ - quite an un-opptune time, seeing it’s SDCC-weekend and all, but … Please do bear with me as I work the kinks out, so I can bring you more and faster toy news soon!

MEANWHILE, scroll down for some snaps of “moving day” done much earlier in the morning, as I awaited confirmation to my day’s schedule!

Thank you and have a fabulous weekend!


P/S: Instagramming + Twittering + Facebooking will continue forth as usual!

#MovingDay :) #toylife #TOYSREVILEditions

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Moved into a higher level, just beneath my #Evangelion #toyshrine haha #toylife #movingday

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The #TOYSREVILEditions shelf's new display :) #toylife #feelingachieved

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LOLGOLTH GNAZGOROTH SHOCKER Edition Release from Skinner x Unbox Industries (July 22nd)

“Lolgolth Gnazgoroth, the head that holds the horror..
The illuminated one, he who knows the truth of the parallel realm..”

Releasing Saturday July 22nd (23:30pmBST / 15:30pm PDT / 18:30pm EDT) online via is the SHOCKER EDITION of LOLGOLTH GNAZGOROTH from Skinner x Unbox Industries!
Priced at US$150 apiece, "Unbox & Skinner are proud to announce the re-release of the most complicated project ever attempted by Unbox. Standing approximately 30 cm tall and painstakingly crafted by the Unbox team,Lolgolth stands approximately 30 cm tall & is rendered in shocking pink soft vinyl. Lolgolth is packaged in a brand new full colour printed box designed and personally approved by Skinner himself."

Seen @ #SDCC2016 Day Two

Sonic The Hedgehog x Kidrobot! Coming soon! #Kidrobot #sonicthehedgehog #sdcc

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WANT‼️ #kojimaproductions #ludens #deathstranding

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#Doraemon, is that you? #sdcc16

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More crazy coolness from @super7store - #hellboy action figutes

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Street fighter kinkeshi

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#comiccon16 #comiccon2016 #SDCC16 #SDCC2016 #sandiego #comiccon

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They are so cute! #sdcc16

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Attention to detail.... #mastersoftheuniverse #motu #super7 #vhs

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"Jameson" Custom-Blank by Sket One for #TheBlankShow @ Clutter Gallery (July 9-Aug 5)

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Since the earlier featured preview, the fine bottle of "Jameson" by Sket-One has been unveiled, and is currently on display at Clutter Gallery in NYC for the "The Blank Show"!
"This is more a personal piece for my good friend. #18yearreserve #jamesonwhiskey Another day Another..." - shared Sket One.
Check in with for availability of the custom, and check out IG @cluttermagazine for further event pics.

Exclusive Reveal: Godmachine for #ArcaneDivination from Kidrobot!

"For all the compasses in the world, there's
only one direction, and time is its only measure."

(Rosencrantz & Guildenstern)

TOYSREVIL is honored to reveal one of the artists behind "Arcane Divination", a new 3" Dunny series from Kidrobot based on the mysterious world of Tarot … Presenting;

Being a huge fan of UK-illustrator known as "GODMACHINE" (Instagram @godmachine / and having own two splendid PREY FOR ME collectibles from Disturbia, I had hoped to one day (soon) add his "DEATH" piece from Mighty Jaxx to my humble collection ... and now he has a 3" production Dunny too? WICKED!

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"It's always exciting as an artist to be able to move forward, to learn, to explore, to grow.
To everyone involved in allowing me to be a part of this project - Thank You.

Please join @kidrobot and myself this Friday @ 1pm PST, booth #5645 when we unveil the artists behind "Arcane Divination", a new 3" Dunny series based on the mysterious world of Tarot. We will be releasing a limited edition print to commemorate this occasion and the first 10 people in line will get one for free! In case you cannot attend my signing at #SDCC, we have also partnered with our amazing blogs who will be revealing one artist each at the same time. They are @spankystokes , @toysrevil , @thetoychronicle , and @vinylpulse . Be sure to follow them to keep up with all of the amazing news coming out of this event. Thanks so much for your support and I can't wait to reveal the amazing people behind this project. See you soon! #KIDROBOT #JRYU #jryuart #tarot #arcanedivination #dunny #comicon2016 #toysrevil #spankystokes #thetoychronicle #vinylpulse #sdcc2016 #sandiego #gothicart #LOTEME

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Marvel x Netflix Teasers for Luke Cage / Iron Fist / Daredevil / The Defenders

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MARVEL x Netflix has released a quartet of excitable series to come soon to our google-boxes - featuring LUKE CAGE (last seen in this teaser), IRON FIST, DAREDEVIL Season 3, and THE DEFENDERS (made up of DD, Cage, Danny Rand/Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones) … I think I wet myself a bit four times now … feel free to press PLAY, while I go wear some man-diapers so I can go watch them again and wet myself gloriously LOL

And while "Superheroes" have surely invaded our silver screens, TV Superheroes has been with us for much longer, and is even moreso rabid robust now - what with DC Comics reigning with Arrow / The Flash / Legends of Tomorrow / (and soon) Supergirl, and now Marvel grows out of their Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "international" adventures, now grounded in the seamier side of NYC … and I CAN.NOT.WAIT!

[ Screengrabs HERE on #iliketeevee ]


Judge Dredd in 1/6 by ThreeA Toys @ #SDCC2016

I am the law #ThreeA #Dredd #2000AD

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It did not immediately occur to me that the Dredd shown in the above image, was not a re-display of their 1/12th-scaled line, but of a 1/6th scaled JUDGE DREDD!

Standing right next to the SDCC-exclusive 1/12th scale 2000 AD | A.B.C. Warriors Mongrol and The Mess, on display at the ThreeA Toys booth #734 at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24)!

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of their 2000AD-line, and welcome back the glory of 1/6th-scale!!! Here's "another" look, because HE IS THE LAW! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

"Come On Down To South Park And Meet Some Friends Of Mine" Print by Dave Perillo x Bottleneck Gallery (for #southpark20)

PRESS: "“I'm goin' down to South Park, gonna have myself a time.”

A classic line to one of the smartest and longest running comedies on television, this year marks the 20th anniversary of one of our favorite shows to date, South Park.

Always inventive, fresh, and hilarious, this year, South Park and Comedy Central are pulling out all the stops at San Diego Comic Con with a South Park 20 Experience along with a panel on Friday July 22nd in Hall H. Since we all can’t be in San Diego to be a part of this momentous occasion, we’ve decided to launch our South Park 20th anniversary celebration remotely with an officially licensed, limited edition screen print by pop-culture artist Dave Perillo.

Known for his great cartoon takes on a vast array of properties, Dave has illustrated some of the most popular South Park characters to date and applied it to his classic character banner series. Featuring favorites such as Towlie and Mr. Hankey to Chef and Timmy, Dave designed the perfect intro print to announce our new license and kick-off our series of new South Park releases."
"Come On Down To South Park And Meet Some Friends Of Mine" is a 12 x 36 inch, 7 color screen print that is numbered out of an edition of 150 and costs US$45 each. The print will go on sale on July 22nd at 12pm EST via!

Captain America 75th Anniversary Bronze Statue & Scale Replica by Comicave Studios Revealed @ #SDCC2016

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Check out the reveal of the "Captain America 75th Anniversary scale replica figure" from Comicave Studios (Previously teased with product availability details) at the current San Diego Comic Con 2016 (thanks to snaps form @ydshinto), along with the larger than life-sized bronze statue that will tour the United States and finally ending up in Brooklyn on August 10th!

(Find out more here).

Ron English for #SouthPark20


While #SDCC2016 rages on in the San Diego Convention Center, "South Park Village" at the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center (200 Harbor Drive #120, San Diego CA, 92101) celebrates the 20th anniversary of SOUTH PARK, with an art show, featuring how 20 Artists See South Park (#southpark20) - one of whom is our favorite pop-culture subversive artist Ron English, who has converts the boys into "grins" (artwork above stitched from IG @ronenglishart) … and then there was "CARTMAN GRIN" the collectible? #iWANT

Gudetama by The Loyal Subjects? "Yes, Please!" (Seen @ #SDCC2016)

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The Loyal Subjects to release Gudetama figures? Seen here is the above pic from Rotofugi, with 64Colors' Mini Toasted Marshall "hanging out" with the lazy egg gang!

With what looks to be 4 designs to be had, they will be available this August at Hot Topic … Singapore needs this! I NEED THIS!!!!

RED INFECTED TARGETS by Scott Wilkowsk for Munky King @ #SDCC2016

Released at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24) are these spectacular looking RED INFECTED TARGETS from Scott Wilkowsk (IG @sw__._.__ws), based on Luke Chueh's TARGET. These were made available at the Munky King booth, each priced at US$250.

No idea if thee are still available tho, so keep updated via IG @munkykingtoys - who had also mentioned they "will be releasing the second batch of these at a later date, to be fair these are first come first serve here at the convention!"

Here's a handy video to get your blood-a-pumpin'!

@munkykingtoys !

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Seen @ #SDCC2016 Day One

20" Andy Warhol Dunnys, EDO TK Trooper prototypes, Wootkowski resin figures, Little Bot Mechanittas, Buntroopers, JPK Customs, Poke Wars Bulba Fetts, even MORE designer indie resin figures, and unofficial (Not) Spaceballs Eagle-5s … here are some choice art toy goodness for Day One at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24)!

We have a VERY LIMITED amount of #AndyWarhol 20" Dunny at our #SDCC booth! #Kidrobot #Dunny

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Tomorrow Kings EDO TK Trooper prototype and 3AGO EVENFALL T.O.T.E.M THUGs (in the back) on display at our booth # 734 at SDCC. Photo is coming from Ashley Wood’s: @ashleywoodart Instagram. San Diego Comic Con San Diego, California July 20th - 24th Booth #734 ThreeA makes our annual trek to SDCC! Join us at our retail booth in aisle 700! Ash, Kim, Siuyin, Phil Hale, and William Wray will only be in attendance July 20th - 22nd.Swing by the booth and say Hello to the crew. We'll have Debut and Upcoming figures on display, Debut Books and Stock Figures available, Exclusives, and plenty of announcements to make. Don't miss out! Attendees ‪#‎3ASDCC‬ and tag us @Worldof3A on instagram and Twitter so we can see and share your coverage from the show! You can find all the details about threeA at SDCC 2016, at @threeashley #threeA #AshleyWood #AshleyWoodArt #WorldOf3A #WO3A #TomorrowKings #3ASDCC #3AGO #EVENFALL #SDCC #SDCC2016

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Friday 12-1pm at booth #5640 (Hyperactive Monkey @jromonkey ) @wootbearbelly

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@jonpaulkaiser @munkykingtoys

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#dketoys has more stuff than we announced! Come by and see. #5045 #sdcc #sdcc2016

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